Honeymoons in Peru at Machu Picchu

honeymooning at machu picchuOn part two of our virtual trip to Peru with photographer Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography…she takes us to Machu Picchu!  A lifelong dream of hers to see, she gives us more insight into what a luxury meets adventure honeymoon in Peru is really like.

“There are few places in the world that offer the diversity that Peru does. In just a short time you can visit jungles, deserts, mountains, valleys, beaches, remote farmland and plains, and of course unimaginable Incan ruins. The most famous of all and the climax of our trip – Machu Picchu.  There are certain pinnacles in one’s life where they will never forget the ‘feeling’ of a place and the sense of accomplishment it took to get there; it was amazing to experience this…and then be able to go back to our luxury boutique hotel and have a nice dinner and glass of wine. “tours to machu picchu“Most people have to hike 5 days and sleep on the ground to get to Machu Picchu, but we took a First class train ride with epic scenery, and stayed at the Inkaterra Machu Picchu. This hotel exists in a world apart.  An intimate 85-cottage luxury hotel in a sprawling Andean-style village within the secluded 12 acres of exquisite beauty, where guests follow stone pathways to their rooms, located in comfortable one or two-story whitewashed casitas. I have never really allowed myself to travel in luxury.  I always felt that it took the adventure out of everything, but this trip I experienced all the adventure and beauty of Peru through ‘a trip of a lifetime’.  I came back energized, yet relaxed, more appreciative, knowledgeable, inspired, awestruck, and amazed at what all I witnessed with my own eyes.  Who says that you can’t have romance, adventure, AND luxury all at the same time?” peru honeymoonsIn addition to this adventure, Celestielle Travel also took Laura and crew to other epic places in Peru.

“We took long bus rides with breathtaking scenery just to visit some of the remote little towns and saw the most amazing people working in the fields wearing top hats and brightly woven garb out of llama wool.”honeymoon in PeruCelestielle travel plans trips thinking of adventurers and backpackers during the day, yet 5 star luxury and comfort for all of the travel, accommodations and food at night.  Every day was full of amazing tours, guides, learning and adventure, but we always did it in style and had our every need attended to.  We climbed to almost 16,000 elevation and back into Colca Canyon to see the deepest canyon in the world, sit in the volcanic hot springs under the stars after getting a massage, and then went exploring to see the 11 foot long Andean Condors; a rare sight.  Amazing!”Peru honeymoon ideasIn addition to adventures aplenty, the hotels and properties were noteworthy as well.  Laura also visited several other parts of Peru and has a list of great properties to stay at for you!luxury hotels in peruAll slightly off the beaten path or non-chain like hotels, Laura loved the boutique nature and culture of these fun places to dwell throughout your Peru travels.

Hotel Recs:

Lima: Miraflores Park

Arequipa: Casa Andina Private Collection

Colca Canyon: Colca Lodge

Cuzco: Inkaterra La Casonaperu honeymoonsThanks Laura and Beautiful Day Photography for sharing your adventures and amazing photos of Peru honeymoon ideas!tour of machu picchu


Honeymoons on the Amazon River

luxury amazon cruisesOne destination wedding photographer we just adore, recently returned from a two week trip to Peru and she’s here today to share part of her amazing journey for those couples considering a bit more exotic, adventuresome, or extra special honeymoon destination.  Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography captured every amazing moment she had through a bit of a National Geographic photo essay for couples.  Beginning with their tour down the Amazon River.  In her own words, “We embarked on the Delphin II in Nauta and traveled down the Amazon and through its inlets and eventually back to Nauta on a three day tour with Celestielle Travel.  In the past, there was no easy or comfortable way to view the Amazon River and its amazing wildlife. But now The Delphin II is essentially a floating luxury hotel, with amazing culinary artists (the restaurant on board was voted the number 3 restaurant in all of Peru), musicians, bartender, experienced guides, and of course air conditioning!!  There were as many staff members on board as there were guests to attend to our every needs.  For those brides and grooms that want to mix luxury and adventure, this boat is the PERFECT experience for you.”luxury cruise on the amazonWhat would you tell honeymooners considering this experience?

“Imagine waking up early to fresh coffee and breakfast, hiking through the rainforest and fishing for piranhas, then being able to return to your luxurious cabin, shower and have a three course gourmet lunch and a nap, before having an evening swim with the Pink Dolphins and ending the evening with yet another gourmet meal, live music and star gazing on hammocks on the upper deck….yep, this was a normal day aboard the Delphin II. The three days we spent on the Amazon we saw every animal possible, went hiking into nearby villages, went to a Manatee Rescue Center, and learned everything there was to know about their environment and local culture.  The people were gracious and welcoming and the photo ops are to die for.  It’s definitely a MUST.”luxury cruise in peruAnd what about going with an organized tour company or working with a travel guide?

“We went with a Los Angeles-based company, Celestielle Travel.  The two owners, Doug Easton and John Ziegler, run the company from the road, traveling more than nine months per year when they inspect destinations and properties, making them uniquely qualified to plan the perfect honeymoon.  EVERY single detail was thought about, taken care of and very carefully planned out, but not in a way where the trip felt rigid or controlled”.  I literally did not spend a dime on the trip except for massages and presents, everything was included in our previous fee paid and everywhere we went we had fine dining, luxury accommodations, organized travel with very experienced guides that spoke great English, and Doug and John were able to offer their experience and guide us, but were there more like peers than guides.  If anything went wrong, it was taken care of immediately ad smoothly.”

cruises down the amazonAll Photos by Beautiful Day Photography.

Thank you Laura for sharing your experience!  Check back for part two from Machu Picchu tomorrow!