How to Travel with Your Wedding Dress

TravelingBride How to Travel with Your Wedding Dress

You’ve got everything set but you have one little last detail that isn’t in place: how am I going to get my wedding dress to my destination? Perhaps you haven’t started planning your destination wedding and you’re freaking out about traveling with luggage, a fiancé, family, and a big white wedding gown. No worries! We’re here to make traveling more enjoyable and less stressful!

1.Never check your dress in with the rest of your luggage. An important thing to remember is that your dress must come with you as a carry on. It’s important to double check with your airlines policies before you go but chances are they’ll be extra accommodating for the bride-to-be. Checking your dress with the rest of your luggage is risky as you run the chance of it getting damaged or lost so we don’t recommend it! 

2.Learn the proper way to pack your dress. Your dress can either be packed in a garment bag, wheeled carry on, or carry on box. A garment bag can be used for all types of dresses and are ideal if your airline can hang it for you in a 1st class closet. A wheeled carry on is ideal for wedding dresses that are larger, think ball gowns, and can be stored in an overhead compartment. Wheeled carry ons work best for larger gowns since they may be to heavy and large to store in a closet. A carry on box can be used for all dresses and is ideal if your airline won’t let you hang your dress in a closet and the airline allows a box in that size. A carry on box allows you to safely package your dress and it’s the perfect size to fit into an overhead compartment. Carry on boxes can be found in many of your local bridal stores.  But first and foremost, we suggest you pack it in a garment bag and then double pack it in a second garment bag in case the first one rips!  Two layers of protection (and fewer wrinkles)!  Put in layers of tissue and your dress will be almost as good as new when you arrive.

3.Buy a ticket for your wedding dress. Some brides don’t want to go through the hassle of carrying, storing, and fitting their dress into different compartments. So, you can choose to buy a ticket for the dress to sit right next to it on the way to their destination. Now we know this might sound a little costly but it can reduce a lot of the stress of traveling with your dress. This option obviously doesn’t work for everyone as it can be expensive and works best when the dress is too big for any of the above options.

Keep in mind that no matter how expertly you pack your wedding dress it may still get wrinkled but don’t freak out! Most wrinkles fall out naturally off the dress 24 to 48 hours within hanging it and the hotel should have a steaming service or steamer if need be (but be sure to call ahead and find out).

4. Know what to do when you arrive to your hotel room. Make sure to remove your dress out of any bags or boxes once you get to your hotel room and hang it up. The weight of the dress itself will help reduce wrinkles.

5. Invest in a handheld steamer if the property is lacking in one. A handheld steamer will come in handy if you do get pesky wrinkles, not just for the bride but the maids, groom and family members too.  Call ahead and if you are fearful things on location may not go as planned, pack the tool accordingly!

6.Forgot your steamer? No worries! Hang your dress in the bathroom with out a garment bag and take a hot steaming shower. The steam will help get rid of any wrinkles on your dress.

Hopefully these tips will ease some of your traveling stress! Happy Traveling!

{Photo: Elisabeth Millay via Elizabeth Anne Designs}

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Pop Up Wedding Project in Vancouver, Canada

Elope to the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada for a unique destination wedding experience! For the first time, Pop Up Wedding Project is going to be in Vancouver during the September 14-15 weekend to help couples that want to marry or renew their vows.

So what exactly is the Pop Up Wedding Project? It’s a creative and unique collaboration between Vancouver wedding vendors that are responsible for planning your very own pop up wedding (all done at a very afforadable price)! This is perfect for the couple that wants an intimate getaway, or the married couple that wants a simple vow-renewal without sacrificing the aesthetics of a ceremony. You can bring 20 of your nearest and dearest (although they can accommodate for 10 more) to celebrate you and your significant other’s special day. The folks behind PUWP will be there for every step of your pop-up style wedding– from the photography to the food.  Keep an eye out for their upcoming pop up wedding events!

eloping in canada Pop Up Wedding Project in Vancouver, Canada



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Unique Destination Wedding Aisles

Who says you have to walk down a aisle trailed or lined with flowers? Take a look at what these brides did with their wedding aisles! You can decorate your aisle according to the setting of your destination wedding as these brides did! How perfect is it to use banana leaves and tropical flowers if you are having your beach wedding; or maybe even paint the sand or ground with colorful sawdust. You can also use your favorite prints to line your aisles (like chevron, or even quilts with cute patterns on it). The possibilities are really endless…you can even use glitter if you want to add some extra sparkle to your wedding ceremony! Which one of these ideas is your favorite?

unique destination wedding aisles Unique Destination Wedding Aisles

{Photos: Sawdust: John Newsome Photography, Banana leaves: Comfort Studio, Chevron: Heather Lynn, Distressed wood planks: Aaron Young Photography,  Quilts: Ever Whim, Glitter: Max Wanger}


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Travel Theme Destination Wedding Ideas

You and your loved ones have traveled a long distance to celebrate your wedding day…so why not make your destination wedding a travel themed wedding?!?! These map details are creative, and not to mention, super cute! You can make map umbrellas for drink stirrers, or wrap your wedding favors in a map printed wrapping paper, accompanied with a inspiring quote about travel or marriage. You can name the different locations of your wedding after different countries (the countries from where your guests have traveled), or maybe you can name the tables at your reception after cities in the country you are having your wedding in! Use suitcases to practically accessories your wedding– you can use them to collect letters! Infuse your love of travel throughout your wedding!

travel themed weddings Travel Theme Destination Wedding Ideas

{Photos: Favors: Binita Patel Photography via Ruffled Blog, Drink stirrers: Brides Magazine, Table setting: Rebecca Arthurs via Wedding Chicks, Couple and signs: Sweet Little Photographs, Suitcases and  Pinwheels: Red White and Green Photography}


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Australian Destination Wedding Ideas

Today’s wedding inspiration comes from the land down under– Australia! What makes this such a special place to you have a destination wedding you ask?  Australia or the Land of Oz offers a wide array of different venues to have your wedding. Not only is Australia home to some of the best beaches in the world (Bondi Beach anyone?), but there are beautiful chapels, resorts, and not to mention, the outback to take some awesome wedding photographs at! The natural backdrop of Australia is a definite plus (just take a look at the photos below!). Take advantage of the beautiful outdoors while you are there. Take a drive through the outback, home to many of Australia’s famous animals (the red kangaroo and emu!). Visit the seaside city, Wollongong! With the sea, the hills, and the city as your backdrop (think the famous Opera House in Sydney), your photographs will be stunning.  The weather in Australia is usually temperate, but it depends on where you are in what time of the year– so don’t forget to look into that before you start your planning!

australia destination wedding1 Australian Destination Wedding Ideas

 {Photos: Brides and groom, Bridesmaids, and groomsmen on the plains: Mr. Edwards Photography via SMP, Bride and bridesmaids: Kate Robinson Photography via SMP, Chapel: Kirra Lee Photography via SMP, Couple at Wollongong Beach: Byron Loves Fawn via Ruffled Blog, Couple about to kiss: Tom Blachford Photography via SMP, Couple driving in the outback: Robertson Photography via Ruffled Blog}

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Nautical Wedding Ideas for the Fourth of July

In honor of Fourth of July, why not celebrate with a nautical-themed wedding? Have a destination wedding set near the beach, or a cool, breezy, lake! Have your color palette be red, white, and blue– the perfect colors for nautical-themed wedding. You can keep the traditions of the Fourth of July by serving BBQ during the reception, and having a firework show at the end of the night. The holiday will be a great time to have a destination wedding, since everyone will have the day off! Enjoy the holiday with all your close family and friends!

nautical themed weddings Nautical Wedding Ideas for the Fourth of July\

{Photos: Sailor Love: We Love Pictures; Couple: Michelle March via Ruffled Blog; Red Cake: Michelle March via Ruffled Blog; Table Setting: Alea Lovely via Ruffled Blog; Couple in Boat: Trent Bailey Photography; Sailboat Cake: Stephanie Hunter Photography}

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Mediterranean Wedding Ideas

The crisp blue sky, the calming sea, the bright white homes lined up against a green hillside…today’s wedding inspiration comes from Greece! Greece is located in Europe, bordering Albania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Some popular locations for a destination wedding are Santorini or Lindos on Rhodes.

I’m absolutely in love with these Mediterranean  wedding details that are refreshing, rustic, and at the same time, modern– perfect for the summer! To design a Mediterranean-esque wedding, incorporate color tones that are similar to the sky and sea. You can also go with warm, terracotta tones, lavenders, and yellows (you can go a little more bold and use gold!). Decorate your wedding reception tables with olive trees, or popular Grecian flowers like peonies, anemones, tulips, or violets! You can also use herbs like rosemary, thyme, or lavender as a boutonniere, or maybe even for the wedding toss! Create a relaxing and elegant summer wedding with these Mediterranean wedding inspirations!

wedding ideas Mediterranean Wedding Ideas

{Photos: Wedding dress: Jose Villa; boutonniere, orange drink: Fondly Forever via Ruffled Blog; couple on the streets: Pretty Days Photography; orange table setting: Gideon Photo via 100 Layer Cake; table setting on the beach: Evan Hunt via SMP}

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Iconic European Destination Wedding Locations

destination wedding locations in europe Iconic European Destination Wedding Locations

{Photos: London: S6 Photography; Heidelberg, Germany: Thomas Moor Photography}

Are you interested in planning a European destination wedding, but not exactly sure where? Well, let these beautiful photographs inspire you! There are several iconic locations in Europe that you can choose for your destination wedding. Most people automatically think of Paris, France when they think of a European wedding, and why wouldn’t they?! It’s the city of romance and glamour! Don’t just utilize the Eiffel Tower for your wedding photographs, but other French landmarks as well! You can have your wedding at Versailles, or maybe take photos on the spectacular Alexander Bridge (you can see the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower from the bridge!).

If you want to have your wedding in London, definitely capture Big Ben in your background! London is known for it’s rather cloudy weather, even in the summer; so be prepared! Smaller towns in the United Kingdom, like Cambridge, also have cute little tea shops along the street that would be adorable for photographs; and Cambridge University has castle-like schools that would be stunning as a photo backdrop. Also near the UK (but not part of it) is Ireland. Ireland, like Scotland, has beautiful, green hills. The republic also has gorgeous castles (like Castle Leslie in Glaslough, pictured below!) You can also head over to Dublin, where you can see the Dublin castle, or visit the many parks that Dublin has to offer.

One of my personal favorite locations for a destination wedding would have to be Italy. I love the rustic feel, and not to mention the delicious food (pasta, pizza, and gelato– yum!)! There are so many beautiful locations in Italy to have your wedding or utilize for photographs: Lake Garda, Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or the Colosseum! You can head towards Eastern Europe and have your wedding in Germany, or maybe go south of France towards Spain.

Choose the location that best suits you and your fiance’s love story. Make use of these beautiful cities as the backdrop for your wedding memories and photographs!

destination wedding location in europe Iconic European Destination Wedding Locations

{Photos: Wedding at Eiffel Tower: One and Only Paris Photography via SMP; Madame and Monsieur signs: Lesecret Audrey via Wedding Chicks; Big Ben: Simply Bloom Photography; Positano, Italy: Forever Photography Studio; Vespa in Italy: Jules Italian Wedding Photography; Glaslough, Ireland: KT Merry Photography}

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Unique Destination Wedding Guest Books

Are you looking for a unique wedding guest book to accompany your destination wedding? These adorable weddings pictured below matched their guest book to the location or theme of their wedding, or to a common interest! If you’re having a beach wedding, why not grab a surfboard and have your guests sign it? If you’re having a lakeside wedding, you can use paddles! Maps and globes are also cute alternatives to the traditional wedding guestbook. You can have your guests circle on the map or globe where they are coming from! You and your future spouse can also choose your favorite LP records and have your guest sign those! Any of these guest books would be great reminders of the wedding to hang up on the walls of your home.  What will you be using for your guest book?

destination wedding guest books Unique Destination Wedding Guest Books


{Photos: Paddle: Alea Lovely Photography; Surfboard: Toby Hoogs Photography; Globe: Orange Turtle Photography;  Map: Josh Gruetzmacher Photography; Couple Holding LP records: Pinterest; LP record: Sarah E. Evans Photography}


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Memorial Day Weekend Destination Weddings

Memorial day weekend is a great time to have your destination wedding! With everyone having a three day weekend, your guests can relax and celebrate with you and future spouse on your wedding day (maybe take a trip with you to a far off, tropical location? Sounds good to me!). With summertime right at the corner, why not celebrate the memorial holiday with a BBQ style menu? No matter where you set your wedding location, your guests are sure to love some delicious gourmet sliders with a side of fresh fries! You can have a beach destination wedding, or maybe take a trip to the capital itself– utilizing D.C’s famous landmarks as your photo backdrops. You can be patriotic and use the colors red, white, and blue as your wedding’s color palette; or maybe have your groom and groomsmen wear there military attire! How will you be celebrating your Memorial weekend wedding?

memorial day wedding ideas Memorial Day Weekend Destination Weddings

{Photos: D.C. Wedding: Gosling Photography; Barn wedding: Erin Lindsey Photography; Beach wedding: KT Merry via SMP; Sliders: Maya Myers Photography via SMP; Table Setting: Tory Williams via 100 Layer Cake; Military arch: Whitney Neal Photography via Wedding Chicks; Flowers: Dyanna Joy Photography; Outdoor Wedding: Jennifer Sosa Photography via Wedding Chicks}

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