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Today we’ve got some great tips, trend advice, and even a promo code for savings (use code: 15FF51) for those of you designing your destination wedding invitations! Joining us is invitation guru and expert, Eric Mortensen, from Basic Invite here to tell you what you need to know when ordering your wedding stationery.

We’re big fans of Basic Invite, an amazing resource for your paper goods! From an almost unlimited color collection (and an instant preview tool online to see just what that looks like for you) to matching wedding sets for every invitation, they take the guesswork out of ordering your big day details online. With matching wedding sets (a must do for a destination wedding), you even have an array of other options including that oh-so important save the date, menus, programs, thank you cards and more to match your wedding invitations!

But enough about their swanky sets, let’s get to the 411 for your big day!

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JF: What’s the first thing a destination couple should do to share their big day with their guests and when?

BI: A save the date is a really good idea for any couple that is planning a destination wedding.  As all of your guests will need to travel and a save the date gives you guests enough forewarning to schedule time off and make the travel necessary travel arrangements.  For a destination wedding the save the date should be sent as early as 12 months and no later than 9 months prior to the wedding.

best wedding invitations

JF: What information do couples need to give guests when planning a destination wedding and what creative ways can they do that?

BI: Aside from the regular items that need to be included on a wedding invitation such as wedding website, accommodations info etc.  Some other stationery that is helpful to include that can make your guest much more comfortable is the following:

Welcome Packet – Having a nice welcome packet for when you guest arrive at their room that has a thank you message from the bride and groom will not only impress your guests but will make them feel like the whole trip was worth it.

Activity Itinerary – Giving your guests a printed itinerary will give them something to look forward to as well as make sure they don’t miss out on a minute of the fun.

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JF: What are some hot trends in destination wedding invitations?  

Pocket wedding invitations are a very popular trend for destination weddings.  The pocket adds a sense of elegance to any wedding invitation set.  Allowing the couple to present the many different enclosure cards needed in an organized and easy to read fashion.

destination wedding invitation

JF: When couples order invitations online, how do they know they are getting a great product?

BI: When ordering online, it is very difficult to see print and paper quality. Make sure you use a company that offers at least generic samples of their invitations so you can see first hand the quality of the invitations. Basic Invite is one of the few companies that offers printed custom samples.  This way you can see what your actual invitation will look like once it is printed before you place your full order.

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JF: What’s the wedding invitation process like?

BI: When ordering invitations from Basic Invite on average you will receive your order in 7 business days.  Including Basic Invite’s custom printed samples.  So couples should start designing their invitation about 30 days before they would need to send them.  This will leave plenty of time to receive samples and make any adjustments before sending out the invitation.   For a destination wedding, the wedding invitations should be sent out 3 months prior to the wedding.

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JF: Best piece of advice for couples ordering wedding invitations?

BI: Start early!  I know that is seems a little silly but if you start designing your invitations early it gives you plenty of time to really think about the design, color theme, and even wedding details.  Planning a wedding can be stressful enough so start early to be able to breathe a little easier.

For more information about Basic Invite or to order your paper products and wedding invitations, check them out online. And better yet, use promo code 15FF51 and save on your purchase, whatever you select!

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Hawaii Wedding Invitations

hawaii destination wedding invites

We got inspired by yesterday’s Maui destination wedding and wanted to keep daydreaming about beautiful Hawaii.  Thanks to Laura Hooper Calligraphy, we can do just that!  This invitation suite, inspired by the tropical colors and florals on the islands was designed for just such an occasion.  Complete with pineapple embellishments and a custom map of the island, this destination wedding invitation is ideal for saying aloha and “I do” to Hawaii!

Hawaii wedding invitationHawaii wedding invitations

 {Photos by: Steve Steinhardt Photography}


Destination Wedding Invitation – Mexico

laura hooper calligraphy

Today we’re taking a little inspiration from one of our favorite places – Cabo, Mexico.  This fabulous destination wedding invitation was designed by the talented Laura Hooper of Laura Hooper Calligraphy.  Inspired by the destination wedding venue, the One&Only Palmilla, Laura took the tile pattern from the property and letterpressed it into a design on the couple’s wedding invitation.  Brilliant way to bring in the location to the invitation!  But she wasn’t done there…

mexico destination wedding invitationsMexico wedding invitations

This invitation came complete in a sack tied with a hand lettered name tag for each guest!  Inside was not only the invitation (in colors befitting the property and location) but a custom wedding map of the region for guests to get a feel for the area.

Mexico wedding invitationCabo destination wedding map

And possibly my favorite idea – a weather card!  In this case it was sunny, sunny, sunny every day of the itinerary (which included multiple events and cards for each).  Even though the weather didn’t change, it was a fun way to get guests excited about the vacation to come!

mexico destination wedding invitation

Now this is one wedding I wouldn’t miss with an invitation like this!  Thanks Laura for sharing!

destination wedding invitations

 All Photos: MiBelle Photography


Die Cut Destination Wedding Invitations

ceci wedding invitations{Photo: Ceci New York}

Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us and perhaps many more of you are now engaged, you’ll be in need of save the dates and invitations soon.  The invite as you probably know, sets the tone for the wedding, how formal it will be, where it will be, it’s a chance to give guests a peek into the future.  Whereas the save the dates can be unique and original, not taking into account how fancy and formal the wedding will be.  And yes, save the dates are a must for any destination wedding – give your guests time to plan, budget, and shop around for travel deals!

With so many options for wedding invitations, it’s hard to narrow down the choices.  So today we’re covering die cut invitations.  A process that began on leather in the 19th century (oh leather invitations, that would be fun!).  A machine cuts into the paper or product to cut out a graphic, pattern, words or just about anything to leave an outline of a sweet saying or intricate design.  We love the look of die cut wedding invitations for destination weddings because they can often mimic a pattern, tile, flag or other culturally unique element from the location where you will wed.

Here are a few fun and festive ideas for die cut wedding invitations and save the dates.  How will you infuse your location into your invitation?

die cut destination wedding invitation{Photos: Top Row & Second Row: Avie Designs, Woods Invite: TrendHunter, Two Small Invites in Dish: Oh So Beautiful Paper, Bottom Photo: Oh So Beautiful Paper}


Destination Wedding Save the Date

save the date idea{Photo: Stephanie Fay Photography}

Sending a save the date (or STD if you come across this term in weddings) is a crucial part of planning a destination wedding.  Cost of travel goes up and calendars book up the closer to one’s date you get, so it’s important to let loved ones know way in advance of what’s to come for your big day plans.  Etiquette stipulates that save the dates should be sent six months to one year out from the wedding, but we suggest no matter how big or small your planning window is, to send them out as soon as you’ve secured your date, location, and travel options and accommodations for those attending.  Before you drop these cute little cards in the mail however, you’ll want to book any room blocks, secure any travel agent, packages, or other booking essentials that guests should know before they pay for their plans.  Oh, and we suggest you register too as gifts tend to roll in once the big announcement has been made!

Now the fun part – save the date cards can be as creative, playful, fun or formal as you’d like them to be!  They do not need to reflect the exact theme, color palette, or style of the wedding, rather they give you a chance to be free creatively.  But of course when planning a destination wedding, theming your cards to the location or to the destination nature of the event itself is a festive way to excite your guests for a weekend of fantastic travel and company.

Here are a few ideas we found to inspire the jet setter in all of your guests!

destination wedding save the dates{Photos: Top Left: Pinterest, Top Right: Avie Designs, Second Row Letterpress: DMPJ by Glen Cooper Photo, Second Row Photo: Patricia Figueira Photo, Tan Center Airplane Themed: MagnetStreet Weddings, Purple Luggage Tags: Etsy, Map held by Woman: Martha Stewart Weddings, Bottom Left Umbrella: Invitations by Dawn, Bottom Right Folded: Martha Stewart Weddings}

For more illustrations and less pieces of the puzzle to mail, we love these looks for personalizing your place, your map, and of course, your save the date!

destination wedding maps save the date

{Photos: Top Left: My Beautiful Adventures, Top Right: Wedding Invitations 100, Postcard: This Next, Bottom Map: Laura Hooper Calligraphy}