Unique Ceremony Arches

unique wedding ceremony arch

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At a destination wedding chances are you’ve selected a stunning backdrop for your wedding ceremony.  Barefoot on the beach or high above the city, you might need a marker to tell guests where on the strip of seven mile beach you’ll be exchanging “I do’s.”  Consider a ceremony arch that doesn’t detract from the beautiful backdrop, but enhances it.  And the best way to do that?  Pull from your natural surroundings or the local culture and infuse the locale into your vows.  Here are a few ideas we’re loving this week!  (We’ve even found a fun idea if you can’t have a destination wedding, instead you can bring the backdrop to you!)  Sand or snow, these ideas will kick off your event in style!

unique ceremony arch

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Sometimes the design can be as ornate as the colors inspired by the culture around you.  Other times, a simply stunning pattern on the grass is enough to mark the spot while nothing obstructs the view in front of you.  The sky’s the limit, especially at a destination wedding location!  What will you wed under?

destination wedding ceremonies

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Lavender Wedding Ideas

Lavender is known to soothe, relax, and can even be used as a remedy to sleep.  It’s lovely color and timeless beauty (whether fresh or dried) makes it a wonderful addition to a wedding.  Lavender has origins across the globe, from Africa and Asia to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe (in ancient times it was even considered a holy herb).  So with its worldly roots, we thought it would make an excellent accent to a destination wedding of course!  Whether in fields in the South of France or touching down in Greece, a little lavender goes a long way to make a lasting impression.

In your wedding ceremony, consider utilizing the herb in bouquets, boutonnieres, potted plants at the altar, or hanging from the pews of a church, the ideas are endless!

lavender weddings{Photos: Bride & Groom: Things I Love About Weddings, Bouquet: Ritzy Bee, Box of Boutinierres: Amy & Stewart via SMP, Men’s Boutinierre & Bridesmaid: Samm Blake via SMP, Pots in Aisle: Project Wedding}

For your reception, adorn your tables with centerpieces – potted or in a variety of styles of vases and dinner will smell as sweet as it looks.  Spice up your cocktails with a hint of lavender, infuse it into your menu options (think cheese), opt for lavender flavored macaroons or even dress up your croquembouche or traditional American wedding cake with the sweet smell of lavender.  Yum!  For favors?  Muslin sacks filled with lavender seeds to keep in drawers back home (or use these to toss at the ceremony); and when putting together welcome bags, why not include a lavender eye mask to help guests recover from that jet lag?  Oh how we love the look of lavender!

lavender wedding flowers{Photos: Potted Lavender: Helen Carter Weddings, Glass Vases Centerpiece: This is Glamorous, Multiple White Vases of Lavender: Samm Blake via SMP, Chair Tie: A Floral, Cocktails: This Side of Lovely, Croquembouche: Swoon!, Macaroons: Cut Out + Keep, Wedding Cake: Amy & Stewart via SMP, Sashet: Martha Stewart Weddings, Do Not Disturb: Centsational Girl}