Formal Destination Wedding in Italy

capri italy destination wedding

It’s the wedding day!  After sharing day one and two of Lama and Suhail’s glamorous destination wedding in Capri, Italy it’s time to share the big moment!  The black-tie clad groom and his gorgeous bride celebrated with 200 friends and family in a magical, and culturally rich ceremony and reception at the famed Capri Palace Hotel.  The entire weekend was produced by Diana Sorensen for Sugokuii Events, who shared with us all the details from the day.

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Lama’s wedding dress was designed with her input, by the famed Lebanese couture designer, Abed Mahfouz“Lama is a super stylish – true fashionista – who owns a well known avant garde fashion boutique in Dubai – and needless to say, this was one very stylish bride who was preparing for her three day wedding – with the most beautifully planned outfits for each evening & one of the most stunning wedding dresses you can imagine – a couture dress no less.” 

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Lama had fun with the process.  “I worked directly with the Abed Mahfouz team. The fittings were so exciting; it was amazing to see the collaboration develop and finally come alive!  I thought to myself that the only time I would ever be able to go all out with a big dress would be on my wedding day – so I took full advantage, but kept it classic with the lace.”

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The veil was equally beautiful & delicate. I wanted to keep the same embellishment consistent on the veil with the Swarovski white crystals and tulle.  My jewelery was my mother’s earrings which have been passed down from my sister on her wedding day and finally to me.  The most special ring for me was when my husband and I picked out our gold Cartier bands. My engagement ring is a custom made cushion cut diamond and the wedding band is a Graff. I really love it.”

long sleeve wedding dresslace sleeve wedding dresseslace sleeve wedding dress

The groom, equally stylish was decked out in Givenchy & Lanvin which complimented her look perfectly.

groom's tuxgroom's tuxedo ideasgroomsmen tux

Diana tells us more about this pair’s big day.  “The couple and all their friends rented out the entire Tiberio Palace hotel in Capri for the three day occasion. The hotel, has a very young, cool vibe feel – perfect getaway for this young crowd to feel at home in and all the luxuries you can imagine – while the parents and older generation stayed at the beautiful Grand Hotel Quisisana, only a few minutes apart from each other in the center of Capri – next to all the major boutiques, chic restaurants and clubs.” 

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“The ceremony, was not a traditional one as such – it started with an Arabic tradition known as the “Zaffe” – a very festive type of wedding festival with musical procession accompanied by a percussionist we flew in for the occasion. First the groom goes out with his groomsmen accompanied by a percussionist – and all the guests clap and celebrate him for few minutes in a festive fashion – then she comes out with her bridesmaids – and is met by her father – who then “gives” her to the groom. They then dance together and are celebrated by their family and guests while they usually clap and cheer them on. There is no “altar”, no “celebrant/officiant” with readings.  It was definitely one of the “happiest” ceremonies we have ever arranged and when the bride came out in her amazing couture dress, the guests were stunned – not to mention the groom who had a true feeling of pride, when Lama came out.”

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“Following the ceremony the guests were transported to the sea side venue Il Riccio, which they rented in its entirety for the night.  The couple followed the guests by arriving in style in a beautiful vintage Fiat cabriolet (owned by the proprietor of Capri Palace).

We had a caricaturist from Napoli brought in – to draw guests exaggerated portraits, we had a personalized Capri perfume bar which we created for the occasion – where guests could create & custom blend their own perfume by choosing scents & oils typical for Capri and then bottled into their very own tiny Caprese perfume – to take home afterwards as a gift from the couple.”

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 “The reception took place on the roof top, al fresco, overlooking the sea. We had spent 24 hours building an open air white pergola structure on the rooftop of the restaurant – making sure that the white washed wood, blended in naturally with the rest of the actual building. From the pergola, we wanted to create a feel of sitting in an amazing Italian garden – but with a contemporary feel. We therefore hung hundreds upon hundreds of flowing jasmine – hung very close to each other, to give a feel almost of a “carpet” of white floral which was covering the entire roof top. In between these – to give some amazing & natural light, we had hundreds of glass candle holders made in white painted glass (not transparent glass) which we hung in between the white floral to give some additional warmth to all the white.”

white wedding

“Lama and Suhail expressed to me that they wanted a contemporary styled event – with beautiful views of the sea – and wanted more of an “amazing party” feel than a “wedding-ish” feel. They wanted their guests to have the time of their lives – at each and every venue, representing a different perspective to Capri each night. Believe it or not – the couple had never previously been to Capri before – although had always wanted to go – and took great faith in us in making sure that we would be able to design the wedding & showcase Capri in the way they had being dreaming about it.”

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 “The couple also chose to do a fun idea – in cooperation with the amazing videographer hired for the day. The videographer brought guests into a designated “video room” and asked them to sing the words of the Italian national anthem – in as good Italian they were able to speak…if you see their video at the very end (past the credits), you will see (and hear!) that at 2 am in the morning – this can sound pretty funny – and challenging to pronounce (and sing)…It was a fun detail that guests loved to view and remember after the wedding took place – as well as the wonderful video which not only captured the couple in some adorable moments – but also captured Capri in a beautiful way.

Additionally, we had cigarette girls pass Italian cigars & limoncello candies & servers passed bite sized Neapolitan desserts until early morning.” 

italian wedding dessertsitalian wedding cake

To see more from this stunning affair, check out the video by Marco Caputo Films.  What a wonderful weekend this couple and their guests had!!  Truly the trip of a lifetime!

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Destination Wedding Photographers: Photographers: Anne Ciotola (couple photos & day/getting ready photos) & Capri Flash (roof top design photos)

Wedding Vendors:  Ceremony + Reception (Il Riccio) locations: Capri Palace Hotel, Wedding Planners + Designer, Caricaturist, Perfume Bar, Digital Invitation, Website + Magazine: Diana Sorensen for Sugokuii Events, Floral: Domenico Ruggiero for Capri Fiori e Piante, Wedding Dress: Abed Mahfouz, Bride’s Shoes: YSL, Hair and Makeup: Capri Palace Hotel, Guest Hotels: Tiberio Palace & Hotel Quisisana, Groom’s Suit: Givenchy, Groom’s Bow Tie: Lanvin, Groom’s Shoes: Dior, Videographer: Marco Caputo Films


Capri, Italy Three Day Destination Wedding, Part Two

destination wedding rehearsal dinners

We’re back for day two of Lama and Suhail’s beautiful three day destination wedding in Capri, Italy.  After their wonderful welcome dinner, guests settled into the island and got the chance to explore before another swanky evening of fun.

italy destination weddings

Diana Sorensen of Sugokuii Events who orchestrated the fete, shared with us the details of day two on island.  “During the day, guests were treated to a trip on the local “gozzo’s” all around Capri with breaks for swimming in Capri’s many caves (a big highlight during the day!) and ended with a fresh seafood lunch at the historic beach club by the sea, La Fontelina. It was amazing to see 200 beautiful guests – divided into 15 boats – all following each other around Capri. It looked like an amazing party at sea!”

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“In the evening, guests had some free time – and were then treated to a cocktail party at one of Capri’s hippest bars; the new “Jacky Bar” at the Hotel Tiberio Palace, where the couple and their guests were also staying. This hotel bar – part indoors and outdoors – has all the ingredients and style you would want in a pre-clubbing bar in the center of Capri. Here, we only enhanced the beauty of the location with hundreds of candles on the floor, stairs, bar, tables, piano – everywhere you looked there were candles.” 

 destination wedding photoslimoncello wedding favor

 “The siblings of the bride – gave as a favor to all the guests, a customized bottle of a small size Limoncello. The names of the couple & a tiny tag attached made it very personalized.” 

lemoncello wedding favorslimoncello wedding favors

 “After being treated to an open bar of Italian style cocktails – everyone went out for a night of “clubbing” – including all the parents & relatives who stayed out til 5 am! Guests partied the night away – at one of the most characteristic & most famous “taverna’s” in Capri; Anema e Core.  For those who know Capri, Anema e Core needs no further introduction – to those who don’t know it, I can only say it is a “must do” for anyone who is in Capri for the night – as it is for any celebrity who visits Capri). It is a blend of a rustic styled bar meets Italian style karaoke with a lively atmosphere- but that would not even coming close to giving it proper justice.”

pink wedding dress

“Old Neapolitan songs were sung (even a few Arabic as a nod to the couple), lots of drinks were served and tables were danced on til early am. Definitely a day the guests will not forget.”

italy destination weddingdestination wedding rehearsal dinner

Check in tomorrow for the formal gala and wedding day of this darling destination couple!

Wedding Vendors: Cocktail Bar Venue: Jacky Bar at Tiberio Palace, Wedding Planner + Designer: Sugokuii Events, Boat trip around the island: Gianni Tedesco for Capri Wonderful, Bride’s Outfit: Jaime Lee, Dancing/post bar venue: Anema e Core, Photographers: Anne Ciotola & Capri Flash


Capri, Italy Wedding Welcome Dinner

destination wedding in italy

Lama and Suhail hosted a three day destination wedding in Capri, Italy.  They met while he was living in New York and she in London.  Today they reside together in Dubai but traveled with 200 of their closest friends and family to Capri for their big day.

We’ll be sharing the wedding later this week, but to kick it off today it’s all about Lama and Suhail’s welcome dinner held for guests the night everyone arrived.  Hosted at the famed Da Paolino restaurant, the setting was the inspiration for the décor.  Diana Sorensen of Sugokuii Events shared with us a bit behind the scenes.  “It’s set amongst a field of lemon trees – in one of the most characteristic settings in Capri.  The restaurants’ location – is already adorable in itself as it is – sitting beneath hundreds of lemons – but we wanted to take the design a step further – wanting to make a great first impression for the guests first night in Capri.”

destination wedding decor italy

“In order to achieve a natural design – we decided to hang hundreds of tiny candles in the lemon trees – and almost “hide” them, so it gave this amazing sparkly effect. In addition to this, we brought in very narrow & tiny tree trunks – which we attached to the corners of the tables – and hung hundreds of individual yellow wisteria from the branches – to give the illusion of beautiful trees overflowing with yellow floral hanging casually over the tables to look as if it had been growing there for years – which it really looked like it did.”

destination wedding italy

“In lieu of traditional escort cards, we had special special “ceramic tiles” made – with the name of each guest written on each tile which had a typical Caprese design on them. These were hugely popular with the guests – as they could also take them home afterwards. It was a great detail which is so Italian and very Caprese.” 

tile placecards

“We kept to the colors of the location in greens, yellows & rustic browns – which together looked beautiful.”

italy wedding menuslemon weddingslemon centerpiecelong wedding tableswedding tree ideaslemon centerpieces

“The dinner also had many special details designed for the couple. As a tiny antipasto – we asked the restaurant to make one large heart shaped raviolo to start with. Other dishes included fresh mozzarella served by the kilo (Da Paolino serves one of the best mozzarella’s in Capri),  a tiny sampling of 4 characteristic pastas of the restaurant – and to end it, a sorbetto al limone (naturally!) with Lama & Suhail written in chocolate around the ceramic plates.” 

heart shaped wedding foodsitaly wedding dinnerswedding cocktailsitalian wedding desserts

“Throughout the evening and after dinner – one of the highlights of the evening were the two talented musicians brought in from Sorrento; a very talented young duo playing the mandolin & guitar – which had everyone out of their chairs dancing and singing until early morning – they were definitely a highlight of the evening.”

italy wedding bands

Clearly a good time was had by all!  What a way to kick off a wedding weekend!

destination weddings in italycelebrity weddings in italy

Stay tuned for day two of this fairy tale destination wedding weekend tomorrow!

Wedding Vendors: Restaurant venue: Da Paolino, Wedding Planner + Designer + Ceramic Tiles: Sugokuii Events, Brides outfit: Stella McCartney, Grooms outfit: Givenchy, Floral: Capri Fiori e Piante, Photographers: Anne Ciotola & Capri Flash 


Tips to Getting Married in Italy

destination wedding in capri

We’re back with more information from destination wedding planner and Italy I do expert, Diana Sorensen of Sugokuii Events.  Don’t forget to read part one here for more great tips and planning insights.  It takes a little more than a plane ticket to wed abroad, but these tips will help you plan with ease.

Q: If planning an Italian destination wedding, what should a couple keep in mind as they set the date?

August is the month when most Italians are on vacation – therefore most seaside resorts like Capri – are at their busiest. This also means that most large towns like Rome, Milano and similar – have many restaurants and local shops closed during this period.  

capri destination wedding

Q:  How do you recommend travelers, guests and the couple get around town and the country?

To travel around Italy – my opinion is to take the train. I think the train service in Italy in general is rather good and easy to navigate. In addition, there has come a new competitor to the scene, the Italo high speed trains – which is owned by the CEO of Ferrari, owner of TOD’S shoes – it offers dinners from Eataly, cinema etc.  You can arrive in Napoli from Rome in 1 hour flat. 

In Capri, the hands down best way to get around is with a Vespa or one of the famous open air taxi’s.

destination wedding planner italy

Q: What is your favorite part about hosting a destination wedding in Italy?

Taking the traditions of the area where the wedding is taking place – and showcasing them in new and creative ways throughout the wedding in ways not yet seen before. 

capri italy destination wedding

 Q: Where does your love of Capri come from?  It seems to go deeper than just the beauty of the island.

My connection to Capri comes from having an Italian mother and having partially grown up in Rome, New York & Copenhagen – but spent most of my childhood summers in Capri. I have always had a real affection for Capri, I really love it and am extremely protective about it – and am eager to show my clients and their guests new sides to Capri when they attend our Capri weddings – even if they have been here many times before. I always knew, even from a young age – that I would somehow always be attached to Capri and come back here the rest of my life which turned out to be true!  

Thanks so much Diana for sharing your insights and ideas for couples getting married in Italy!  To see more of Diana’s work, check out this stunning Capri destination wedding we shared with you last year.

Photo Credits: Empty White Reception Tables: Foto Flash Capri, Guest Filled Reception Table: Simply Bloom Photography, Couple: Annie Ciotola


Capri Celeb Wedding Re-Run

white candle weddingsToday we’re back with another fantastic re-run with one of our favorite events of the year.  The lovely and talented Diana Sorensen of Sugokuii Events produced this fabulously lavish yet intimate event for a celebrity couple (who shall remain nameless – sorry readers!).  You won’t see the bride or groom in this story, but there’s plenty of eye-popping decor and eye candy to enjoy instead! 

This destination wedding took place on the island of Capri in Italy at the famed J. K. Place Hotel (which the couple rented out entirely for the weekend’s festivities).candlelit wedding Sugokuii Events transformed the space around the pool into a magical candlelit wonderland with a cabana style dinner party.  Diana shared with us just a little of the behind the scenes that went into creating this evening, “we worked with floral typical for Capri, linens made and embroidered in Capri, glassware made specifically for the table from Murano, and we brought in rental furniture from Milano to create the look.  From the columns above, we had tiny glasses made for us in Venice that we filled with tea lights (430 were handing) and on the side of the columns we had white linen curtains made – so they were flowing in the wind around the perimeter of the location.” hanging white flowers wedding“In between the glasses, we had our florist in Capri hang about 200 white Jasmine – to make it resemble a beautiful Italian garden – as if the flowers had been growing there for years. It took a team of four about six hours to hang all the glasses and flowers — and another two hours just to light all the candles hanging from the column and ceiling — and around the pool, where another 1000 candles were lined up all around, giving it a beautiful ambiance from far away.”white weddings

white and red weddingDuring dinner, guests sat at high bar tables and stools custom designed to function for a dinner setting specifically for this event. No table linens were needed here – Sugokuii Events made a mirror custom fit to flank the entire table.  Wow!  To finish off the look, “On top of the mirror we had tiny vases in various sizes made, and in these vases, we gave the only pop of color to the entire party — a fuchsia single flower in each one. Then we added more candles, which gave a magnificent reflection together with the candlelight hanging above.” As if that wasn’t enough, each guest’s place setting was adorned with a custom made linen napkin with their name embroidered on it to serve as a place card!purple and white weddingThe dinner menu was locally inspired with Capri fare with a hint of a Northern Italian twist.  Guests partook in a Limoncello Bar, a Capri Candy Bar (complete with Limoncello candies), and even got to indulge in a custom Italian Perfume Bar! “Guests could create their own perfume by choosing and mixing scents local to Capri. Later these scents were transformed into a perfume and beautifully packaged and put into the room of each guest, so when they returned, they had their own personal perfume including their name engraved onto the bottle.”  What a special treat to give your loved ones!poolside candle weddingsAfter enjoying the sights and sounds of famed musicians and even an illusionist; guests ended the evening with Neapolitan cigars (rolled on the spot by a local cigar roller) and mini midnight snacks including mini gelati and mini Italian milkshakes…and then, fireworks! The perfect end to a perfect event. Thanks Diana for sharing this Italian island magic – a perfect end to our year!firework weddings

Destination Wedding Photographer: Andrea Salvia Photography

Wedding Vendors: Venue & Hotel: JK Place Capri, Design & Styling: Diana Sorensen for Sugokuii Events, Floral: Domenico Ruggiero for Capri Flor