4 Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

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It’s your big day and you want everyone that you love with you, that includes those furry friends of ours. Traveling with your pets can be a bit tricky but definitely doable. I’ve dug up four basic tips to help you travel with your best friend!

1. Crating your Pet. I know I hate to see my pooch in a crate but remember that this is the safest way (and most of the time required way) to travel with your pet. Don’t worry too much as most pets actually don’t mind being in crates. Make sure that your pet gets plenty of exercise the whole week up to the day of the big trip in order to keep your pet from getting fussy on a long airplane flight.┬áMake sure to bring her favorite toy, blanket, or any other object that will make her feel at home.

2. Double Check with the Airline. It’s crucial you make sure your airline has options for your four legged friend! Also, many airlines will want verification such as vaccine records, rabies shot certificates and proof of registration so you’ll want to make sure to call them with enough time to dig out all this paperwork.

3. Act Normal. Whether your pet sitting with you in the main cabin or elsewhere, remain calm and neutral with her. Never make the pet feel as if they are out of place or something is wrong, this will only make your pet anxious and can lead to bigger problems on the flight like crying, barking, or vomiting. If your pet tends to get anxious or nervous very easily, you may want to speak with your veterinarian about sedatives for your furry friend.

4. Don’t Fly on a Full Stomach. Remember you don’t want any accidents! Your pet should fast for 6 hours prior to take off. Of course always have water readily available for your pet though!

Remember that your pet isn’t used to flying the way you are so make sure to praise them for good behavior on the plane once you land! You’ll also want to take them on a long walk once you’ve arrived to your destination.

Happy Travels!


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