Celebrity Destination Wedding in Capri, Italy

white candle weddingsThis spectacular event is a bit of a secret really (shh, don’t tell).  You won’t see bride or groom in these photos (that’s because they are a super secret celebrity couple).  But instead, we’re sharing the incredible reception and details from the day at this Capri, Italy destination wedding.candlelit weddingProduced and designed by the talented Diana Sorensen and her team at Sugokuii Events, the wedding took place at the beautiful J.K. Place Hotel (which the couple rented out entirely for the weekend’s festivities).  Sugokuii Events set out to transform (but not take away from the beauty of) the pool area of the hotel to become a cabana style dinner party.  From the designer Diana, “we worked with floral typical for Capri, linens made and embroidered in Capri, glassware made specifically for the table from Murano, and we brought in rental furniture from Milano to create the look.  From the columns above, we had tiny glasses made for us in Venice that we filled with tea lights (430 were hanging) and on the side of the columns we had white linen curtains made – so they were flowing in the wind around the perimeter of the location.”hanging white flowers wedding“In between the glasses, we had our florist in Capri hang about 200 white Jasmine – to make it resemble a beautiful Italian garden – as if the flowers had been growing there for years.  It took a team of four about six hours to hang all the glasses and flowers — and another two hours just to light all the candles hanging from the column and ceiling — and around the pool, where another 1000 candles were lined up all around, giving it a beautiful ambiance from far away.”white weddings

white and red weddingFor dinner, guests sat at custom made high bar tables and stools designed to function for a dinner setting.  In lieu of a table linens, Sugokuii Events had a mirror custom cut at a local hardware store and flanked the entire table with it.  To finish off the look, “On top of the mirror we had tiny vases in various sizes made, and in these vases, we gave the only pop of color to the entire party — a fuchsia single flower in each one.  Then we added more candles, which gave a magnificent reflection together with the candlelight hanging above.”  As if that wasn’t enough, each guest’s place setting was adorned with a custom made linen napkin with their name embroidered on it to serve as a place card!purple and white weddingThen came dinner…oh dinner sounds so divine!  The meal was influenced by local Capri fare with a Northern Italian twist.  When guests weren’t partaking in the Limoncello Bar or the Capri Candy Bar (complete with Limoncello candies, chocolates from Gay Odin in Napoli and more), those in attendance were delighted to partake in a custom Italian Perfume Bar!  “Guests could create their own perfume by choosing and mixing scents local to Capri. Later these scents were transformed into a perfume and beautifully packaged and put into the room of each guest, so when they returned, they had their own personal perfume including their name engraved onto the bottle.”  Okay, why wasn’t I a guest at this wedding???  poolside candle weddingsAfter enjoying the sights and sounds of famed musicians and even an illusionist; guests ended the evening with Neapolitan cigars (rolled on the spot by a local cigar roller) and mini midnight snacks including mini gelati and mini Italian milkshakes…and then, fireworks!  The perfect end to a perfect event.  Thanks Diana for sharing this Italian island magic (and next time feel free to invite us!)firework weddings

 Destination Wedding Photographer: Andrea Salvia Photography

Wedding Vendors: Venue & Hotel: JK Place Capri, Design & Styling: Diana Sorensen for Sugokuii Events, Floral: Domenico Ruggiero for Capri Flor

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  • Donnabcg

    This is so refreshing to see a contemporary wedding instead of the same looking vintage styled weddings the other blogs always feature. Thanks for this. This wedding is stunning!

  • Lisa V

    O M G. I have found my dream wedding!! Capri, amazing table, contemporary styling, beautiful hotel and a perfume bar?? This is surely my dream wedding. Simply amazing

  • Millakirchner

    Wow wow wow!!! This is STUNNING!!!

  • Anonymous

    while stylish, every bridal couples dream of an unforgettable day …. accented details, persuasive flavor filled

  • Beriqito

    while stylish, every bridal couples dream of an unforgettable day …. accented details, persuasive flavor filled.

  • Luisadcamilo

    Kardashian wedding put to shame compared to this wedding is so right!! This is breathtaking. 

  • Amydouglas07

    This is nothing short of amazing!!!! 

  • Angela

    Absolutely beautiful – LOVE the flowers hanging from the ceiling and the tealights. The photo with the reflection of the flowers and candles in the mirrored table shows it off really nicely. Good idea to have a mirror cut for the table…..

  • Mariana Kismis Ink Photography

    Wow! Absolutely stunning…the details are out-of-this world!

  • Mariana Kismis Ink Photography

    Wow! Absolutely stunning…the details are out-of-this world!