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It’s time for another deal from our fabulous friends at Appy Couple!!  We love our readers and love giving you steals and deals for your big day!  So if you’re looking a destination wedding website (or one for your backyard at home I do), then look no further than Appy Couple.  With over 500+ designs to choose from, no matter your style or location, there’s something perfect for you!  It’s easy to use, no coding required, just fill in the blanks once you’ve selected your style and you’re good to go!

A wedding website is a great way to keep guests informed about your destination and travel details when on the road and keep the questions at bay during your planning process.  Just visit Appy Couple and no matter your purchase, use PROMO CODE BB25 at checkout and save!  Happy shopping friends and travelers!

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Quick + Easy Way to Slim Down for the Big Day

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Today we want to dish about a great product, a little known secret that should be shared among brides, bridesmaids, or anyone looking to drop a few pounds before the big day.  It’s called the Bikini Cleanse!   Can you say honeymoon ready!?  

We recently tried the new three-day kit and wow, dare I say I liked it? The three or seven day programs come packaged so cute, you’ll actually want to get going!  And once you do, you won’t starve, I promise! 7 day wedding cleanseThe Bikini Cleanse

The kit comes complete with a “passport” to help you succeed – with shopping lists, meal plan suggestions, and even journal notes to keep you positive through the process.  Also included is a shake (I recommend you have for breakfast) that tastes a little like an orangesicle from childhood, only this one helps you lose weight!  Then you’ll enjoy a berry flavored tea pack twice a day to snack in between two real meals (think salmon and broccoli).  Before bed?  A detox tea to get you through the night (and it tastes delish!).  Surprisingly, I wasn’t hungry at all, in fact, I had to remind myself not to skip a step throughout the day since you’re still eating meals while on the cleanse.   

  Bikini Cleanse 3 Day

And it works.  The Bikini Cleanse is a great way to drop some quick water weight and lose a few pounds before putting on that dress (I did it before walking as a bridesmaid recently).  It’s also something I would consider including in my semi-regular routine just to reset and rid myself of those cravings that tend to creep up throughout the year.  The program is simple, easy to do, tastes good, and it’s affordable too.  Why not?!

And once the big day is done, I highly recommend ordering a few extra detox tea packs for bedtime.  It tastes so good, it’s a healthy habit you’ll want to keep long after the cleanse is complete.

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To order your three day cleanse or seven day routine, check out the Bikini Cleanse here!


New Wedding Keepsake for Couples


Every once and awhile we stumble upon a new product in the weddings world that is really different and unique.  Today is one of those days.  We’ve recently been introduced to Weeva, which is not your average wedding album.  So what is it?  It’s a collection of stories (and photos) that couples can keep for a lifetime.  It’s essentially a book that is bound by Weeva, after collecting memories, letters, and fun stories from family members and loved ones – all about the couple.


The gift giver (or the couple) can invite family and friends anywhere in the world to share these stories, well wishes, quotes and images that ultimately get printed together for the newlyweds to enjoy long after the wedding day is done.


Weeva makes putting together a wedding momento easy – they’ll even do story writing, custom designs, and more to help those family members who perhaps aren’t as organized as others.  And in the end, a perfectly professional memory book!


We think these make great parents’ gifts too!  You’ve got to get your mom and dad something meaningful on the wedding day so why not a look back at their lives from the eyes of their loved ones?!  Weeva makes wedding gift giving truly one-of-a-kind.



Personalized Groomsmen Gift Ideas


We’re getting close to the start of wedding season here in Southern California and for many tropical parts of the world peak season is already in full swing!  So what does that mean?  It means your loved ones are due for a very special thank you for being part of your big day.  And groomsmen are no exception!  If you’re looking for a personalized groomsmen gift or creative gift for the beer drinker in your world (think father-in-law goodies too!), then look no further than Capcatchers.

Their unique groomsmen gifts can be personalized to each guy in your wedding party.  From an ice bucket to fill with his favorite six pack to a wall-mounted bottle opener complete with the guy’s name and unofficial bar title, the men in your wedding party are sure to get a kick out of these custom gifts!


You can opt for a gift set, filled with cold brew, or even a pair of beer mugs matching his favorite sport.  If your groom is a beer drinker, these make a great gift for him too on the wedding day!

personalized-groomsmen-gifts beer-giftsgroomsmen-gifts

Simply visit, design your custom gift and start collecting caps with these custom bottle openers (complete with cap catchers) – an easy gift for all beer drinkers you know!  And a perfectly affordable and personal groomsmen gift, we love it!  If you’re having a destination wedding, fill your gift set with beer from the region you’ll be celebrating in and make it that much more personal on the big day.  Happy shopping!


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Destination Wedding Finds on Etsy

We love all the handmade goodies over on Etsy, many of which make great accents and details at a destination wedding.  We found a few of our favorites this week with great buys for your to pack up for your big day aboard!  Check out these gifts, favors, and fun ideas for your destination wedding, all found and available to buy over on Etsy (see photo credits for specific shops).  Happy shopping travelers!

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{Photos: Straws: PaperTrailbyLauraB, Mug: MJsBridalSupport, Print: MarshmallowInkLLC, Food Picks: MooseCreations, Sack: BeCollective, Flask: LiquidCourage, Invitation: BettyLuPaperie}