Bride to Be Cleanse for the New Year

bridal cleanse

New year, new you – right?!?!  It’s January and that means most of us are in full swing with our New Year’s resolutions to get fit, stay in shape, slim down, tone up or lose a few before fitting into that wedding dress.  If that’s you, then we’ve got a great way for you to kick start the process or perhaps push you across that finish line.  We recently discovered the Bikini Cleanse.  Can you say honeymoon!?!?  The Bikini Cleanse is a seven day program, that we’ve tried…and it works!  In fact, not only does it work, it’s not painful to do.  (This coming from someone who likes to eat and the thought of seven days sounds like torture.)  But the good news is, you get to eat!

The program comes in this fabulous packaging that actually makes a cleanse look like fun!  Once you’ve browsed through the goodies inside, you’ll find that you get a shake a day (with almond milk too), two yummy sweet tea-like drinks, a hot tea before bed and light meals throughout the day.  That’s a lot!  Surprisingly, you’ll find you aren’t hungry and it’s totally manageable without being miserable.  Plus the pretty pink packages make being on a cleanse seem like part of the wedding planning process!

bride to be cleanse

Their “passport” to bikini world also comes complete with cleaver motivational messages, shopping lists and meal plan ideas for you.  Once you’re a day or two into it, the plan begins to feel like old habit and is easy to stick to.  If you’re like us, you’ll see your skin start to clear up almost immediately and those pesky few pounds you’ve been trying to lose will be gone!  But my favorite part about the program was how it cut the carb and sugar cravings (especially during the holiday season) and once the cleanse was done, those new good habits stuck.  So while you could lose a dress size during this week, chances are you’ll keep losing or at least keep it off after the hard work is done.

new year cleanse

Now you don’t want to cleanse too close to the wedding day and risk your dress fitting incorrectly, but if you’re gearing up for your 2015 wedding and honeymoon then now is the time to try the Bikini Cleanse and see your 2015 2.0 bod before you know it!  We liked it enough to make it an annual tradition!  Happy cleansing!


Heucy Spring 15

Hey destination brides and jet setters! We had the pleasure of being introduced to a brand of womenswear that is absolutely perfect for travel and/or vacationing and we have a little sneak peak into the newest collection. Not only are their clothes are to die for, but Heucy prides themselves on creating garments made from 100% sustainable fabrics, which makes them adorable AND practical. The garments are even sourced and produced right here in the USA.

Heucy Spring 15

We especially love this white dress shown above for our brides! Could it be anymore perfect for a bride’s getaway outfit?

heucy2 heucy3 heucy4

Whether you’re about to embark on a business trip, family vacation, or honeymoon, these chic and easy outfits are make packing for getaways easy (AND they travel well). Comfortable and versatile, we are just dying to get our hands on some of these looks. Don’t miss your chance to get yours!

{Photos and looks by Heucy}


Engage!14 – Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

custom destination wedding programs

We’re back with more great destination wedding ideas from the Engage!14 wedding industry summit in the Cayman Islands.  Today we’re talking about the swag.  Yep, you read that right.  Engage gives it’s guests enough goodies and gifts to require extra luggage and just about all of it would make the perfect welcome gift amenities or welcome bag products for your wedding guests.

wedding welcome bags

The talented team at Gifts for the Good Life created all these amazing products, custom branded and of course in the matching color palette of the event.

destination weddings

The hosts chose to display the swag bag products behind a bar as guests picked their favorite patterns and got to enjoy products perfectly suited for them.

destination weddingdestination wedding ideasdestination wedding cocktailsideas for wedding swagcayman islands weddingscustom cocktail napkinscustom wedding totesengage 14

Most of the goodies were meant to be enjoyed on island (a great way not to overload guests with gifts they have to get through customs on their way home).

gifts for the good life productsgifts for the good life

My personal favorite?  An ipod speaker system for the beach that looked like a retro radio!

wedding gift ideaswedding welcome bag ideas

Stay tuned tomorrow, when we take a look at an amazing property that could be home to your destination wedding or honeymoon in the Cayman Islands.

welcome bags destination wedding

Photographers for Engage!14: Carla Ten Eyck, Rebecca Davidson, Picture This Studios, David Wolfe Photography, Melissa Wolfe Photography, Better Angle


Wedding Travel + Honeymoon Registries

Are you on the hunt for the perfect honeymoon hot spot but wondering exactly how to pay for that once in a lifetime vacation?  Well, have you registered yet?  Consider a registry alternative with our friends over at NewlyWish.  NewlyWish makes registry fun by providing you with everything unique for your I do – from the best in kitchenware to the most luxurious couples massage, experiences and of course, honeymoons!

wedding registrycooking classes registryhow to register for weddings

What’s new to NewlyWish?  They now offers cash and honeymoon funds that give your loved ones the chance to contribute to your lives after the wedding day! Already got those pots and pans that you need? Register for some cooking lessons and invite your friends over for a celebratory dinner! (Your loved ones won’t regret buying you those lessons.)

newlywish registrynewlywishhoneymoon registry

Better yet, skip the cash if you don’t want to ask for money and ask for gifts towards your honeymoon!  NewlyWish allows you to add your own experiences and items that you don’t see on the site to allow you to create a registry that truly represents you as a couple and the trip you want to take. (How great is that!?) Trying to raise money to be able to fly first class to your honeymoon destination? Create a cash fund on your registry so that your friends and family can help contribute to the ’cause’.

travel wedding registrieswedding registries

NewlyWish offers it all from scuba driving at the bottom of the ocean to flying high above the ground in a hot air balloon! And with the ability to make a custom registry where could you go wrong? So sit down with your special someone and shop site for everything that you want and scour the globe for the trip you can’t live without taking. Creating a registry has never been so easy and honeymoons have never been so sweet to plan!

unique wedding registry


5 Beauty Essentials You Need for Your Honeymoon


Today one of our destination guru friends has stopped by to share some of her favorite finds for you!  Sarah Carrillo Riswick, the editor over on Destination42 knows a thing or two about bridal beauty and packing your bags and hitting the road.  But what does she pack?  What does she suggest you take on your honeymoon?  What bridal beauty is a must after your big day?  Well, Sarah’s got all the answers for you today!

honeymoon-beauty-essentialsAfter getting all glammed up for your wedding day you’ll probably want to take it easy on your honeymoon. But it’s worth it to bring a few products with you so you can nail that “I just woke up this fabulous” look.

No. 1: Tinted lip balm with SPF
A subtle pop of color on your lips will make you look pulled together, even after one-too-many margaritas And you can dab a little on your cheeks to give you a natural-looking flush. I love Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments, the color is sheer but lasts.

No. 2: Eyelash curler
Mascara (even waterproof) is more effort than you really need to be making on your honeymoon, especially during the day when you’ll rarely take off your sunglasses. But curling your lashes will open up your eyes and make you look more awake. Plus, it only takes a few seconds.

No. 3: Smoothing serum
Most beaches = serious humidity and frizzy hair. So bring along a good smoothing serum or leave-in conditioner. Bonus: using these products before you go in the pool or ocean can help protect your hair and keep it soft.

No. 4: Dry shampoo
A must for greasy roots (aka brides trying to make that wedding-day blowout last just a little bit longer) or to give your hair more volume and texture. My favorite is Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, it smells amazing.

No. 5: Nail stickers
OK, so maybe these aren’t essential but they’re a great way to update your nails if you stuck with a safe nude polish or French manicure on your wedding day. You can apply them in your hotel room easily (or on the plane since there isn’t a strong polish smell but they can be a bit messy). Most will last at least a week, sometimes two, without chipping.

You may notice that sunscreen is missing from this list, but come on, that’s a no-brainer, right? One tip though, make sure you pack plenty because many resorts will charge outrageous prices for a tube of Coppertone.

Thanks so much Sara for these great honeymoon finds!  For more on her favorite travel musts, locations and advice, be sure to check out Destination42.