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bridal bar expands b2b destinations

Did you know that Jet Fete is powered by The Bridal Bar?  That’s right, our site, Jet Fete by Bridal Bar is the destination weddings and honeymoons answer for couples planning a wedding across the globe, in places that the Southern California based Bridal Bar just couldn’t have reached otherwise.  Well, for those of you who don’t know much about The Bridal Bar, it’s a a complimentary wedding concierge with multiple locations for engaged couples who help business grow, improve and of course, connect with engaged couples.  The Bridal Bar’s founder, Harmony Walton, also has a national talk radio show on iHeartRadio, two popular wedding blogs (including this one!),  a collection of wedding websites, a line of luxury registry products, oodles of celebrity clientele and press mentions and so much more.  Needless to say, we’re busy!

But now it’s time to grow again and get even busier – by helping you – the destination wedding professional!  Sorry brides and grooms, today’s feature is focused on helping the pros.  From the destination location (property or tourism board) to the local wedding vendor on island, The Bridal Bar is expanding it’s B2B consulting across the globe to help better destination and honeymoon brands and services for couples.  From organizing and producing FAM trips to developing strategic partnerships to drive more revenue and buzz to a venue, we’ve got over a decade of experience with a specialization in the destination market.  And we want to help you grow!

So reach out and say hello and let us help you achieve your destination goals.  For more info, contact our founder, Harmony Walton at hello@bridalbar.com.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming!


Luggage Free

Luggage Free is a specialty courier service that picks up your luggage ahead of time and ships it to your destination. Forget about the hassle and stress of dealing with baggage at the airport! Luggage Free will also ship just about anything from surfboards to skis, bikes, and anything you may need for your destination wedding. On-time delivery is guaranteed,but in the unlikely case that your bag is late, Luggage Free with give you a $500 reimbursement for the inconvenience. Tracking information is also provided and parcels are hand-wrapped in protective packaging to ensure your belongings are safe and secure upon delivery. With their fair pricing and 24 hours customer service, Luggage Free is a perfect option for our jet setting couples!

Luggage Free

{Photo Courtesy of: Kelly Purkey: Travel Tips}


How to Tip in Foreign Countries

Planning your honeymoon or destination wedding in a foreign country?  It’s good to know the customs before you go – especially about the everyday encounters, such as tipping!  The folks at Wego created this handy tipping chart to help you do as the locals do when abroad.  Happy spending!

how to tip in forgein countries

Infographic Source: Wego.com


Carribean Wedding Packages in the BVI

BVI Image Three

The British Virgin Islands have some of the most gorgeous beaches you will ever see. So it’s no wonder that couples all over the world jet off to the BVI to wed. The sun, sand, and clear waters are sure to make any destination wedding unforgettable. Well now it’s easier than ever to wed at this great location! The British Virgin Islands have teamed up with amazing resorts and hotels like Peter Island Resort & Spa, Sugar Mill, and Rosewood Little Dix Bay to bring you the best in wedding packages! Experience the BVI like never before as the planning is all taken care for you. Packages vary from resort to resort but a few amenities include hour long massages for couples, gourmet dinners, day sailing, sunset cruising, and so much more! The great thing about these options is that they can pretty much fit into anyone couple’s budget – packages range from $875 and up. To check out all their partner packages and the fab resorts and villas where you can wed, visit the BVI wedding packages site.  Happy travels friends!

BVI Image Four


4 Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

traveling pet

It’s your big day and you want everyone that you love with you, that includes those furry friends of ours. Traveling with your pets can be a bit tricky but definitely doable. I’ve dug up four basic tips to help you travel with your best friend!

1. Crating your Pet. I know I hate to see my pooch in a crate but remember that this is the safest way (and most of the time required way) to travel with your pet. Don’t worry too much as most pets actually don’t mind being in crates. Make sure that your pet gets plenty of exercise the whole week up to the day of the big trip in order to keep your pet from getting fussy on a long airplane flight. Make sure to bring her favorite toy, blanket, or any other object that will make her feel at home.

2. Double Check with the Airline. It’s crucial you make sure your airline has options for your four legged friend! Also, many airlines will want verification such as vaccine records, rabies shot certificates and proof of registration so you’ll want to make sure to call them with enough time to dig out all this paperwork.

3. Act Normal. Whether your pet sitting with you in the main cabin or elsewhere, remain calm and neutral with her. Never make the pet feel as if they are out of place or something is wrong, this will only make your pet anxious and can lead to bigger problems on the flight like crying, barking, or vomiting. If your pet tends to get anxious or nervous very easily, you may want to speak with your veterinarian about sedatives for your furry friend.

4. Don’t Fly on a Full Stomach. Remember you don’t want any accidents! Your pet should fast for 6 hours prior to take off. Of course always have water readily available for your pet though!

Remember that your pet isn’t used to flying the way you are so make sure to praise them for good behavior on the plane once you land! You’ll also want to take them on a long walk once you’ve arrived to your destination.

Happy Travels!


{Cover: Sweet Little Photographs, Bottom Left: Evan Hunt, Bottom Right: Erich McVey Photography via Junebug Weddings}