Color Palette Inspiration: Navy + Pink

Elegant Spring Styled Shoot 34 600x400 Color Palette Inspiration: Navy + Pink

If you’re looking for a preppy Spring wedding, look no further than this lovely color scheme, navy + pink. It’s fun, bright, and just the right amount of glamorous!  Personally I never thought these colors would go together but for some reason this color scheme looks amazing! I really love this color scheme for a destination outdoor wedding, whether on a ranch or garden. Another great thing about this color scheme is that it also looks great on grooms! It has just the right amount of softness with the pink and masculinity with the navy, perfect for any groom who is looking to make a statement at his big day! Whether you’re planning your preppy, fun wedding in the Spring or Summer this board is sure to inspire! Happy Planning!

navy + pink Color Palette Inspiration: Navy + Pink

{Cover Photo: Debra Eby via Wedding Bells, Bridesmaid: The Sweet Iced Tea Soiree, Groom: Southern Weddings, Long Dress Maids: Hannah Suh Photography via SMP, Short Dress Maids: Stephanie A. Smith Photography via Floridian, Invitation: Jupiter and Juno Shop, Gingham Jacket: Southern Weddings, Bouquet: Revel Blog}

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Indian Wedding Details

cv Indian Wedding Details

I am absolutely fascinated by Indian culture, especially Indian weddings. I think they’re beautiful, rich, bold and not to mention they look like a ton of fun to be at. Indian weddings are filled with bright and cheery colors which are sure to get anyone off their chairs and onto the dance floor! Remember that oranges, pinks, purples, and reds are among the most common colors when planning an Indian wedding. Other colors can be also be incorporated of course, as long as the palette is vivid. One of my personal favorite things about Indian wedding is the amount of detail that goes into getting the Bride ready. From henna to ornate jewelry, every bride can mix this into their wedding day look even if they are not Indian. Indian weddings are all about celebrating new life with your new partner, and of course what better way to say you’re married than a huge party? Sounds fun to me!

indian wedding deets Indian Wedding Details

{Cover Photo: Sweet Little Photographs, Henna: Wedding Bells, Seating Place: Vasia Photography via Rubies & Ribbon, Groom: White Magazine, Dessert: Rachelle’s, Statue: Timmester Photography via United with Love, Bride: Black Box Photography via One Fab Day}

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Color Palette Inspiration: Orange

london wedding blushandwhimsy 22 Color Palette Inspiration: Orange

When brides and grooms think of orange color palettes they usually think of Fall weddings but orange actually makes for a lovely color palette as we head into Summer. If you’re not looking for something as bold as orange perhaps try out coral or peach since they are on the softer spectrum of this daring color. Orange can easily be combined with other colors like fuchsia, purple, or red for a vivid and festive wedding scheme. Stay away from combing with colors such as blacks and browns as this is what will make it look more like a Fall wedding rather than a bright and cheery Summer wedding! Remember even oranges themselves can play a part on your big day whether your mixing them into drinks or use them as decoration on your cake! Happy Planning!

orange wedding Color Palette Inspiration: Orange

{Cover: Blush & Whimsy via  Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, Crown: Lauren Hickman Design, Arrangement: Burnett’s Board, Center Piece: Flickr, Cake: Britt Croft Photography via SMP, Drink: Priscilla Thomas Documentary Photography, Flower Girl: Etsy, Cake: Addie Eshelman via Storyboard Wedding}

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Products We Love: Vintage Baby Doll

CV 1 Products We Love: Vintage Baby Doll

 I guess I’m all about Mexican weddings this week- I even had a Mexican lunch today complete with rice and beans! Earlier this week we talked about some fun wedding details to have at a Mexican fiesta and today I wanted to share with you an Etsy shop I’m obsessing over! Vintage Baby Doll is a shop that specializes in fiesta themed party goods. This shop has everything you need to create the perfect fiesta from papel picado to colorfully printed koozies! All the products are inspired by the vibrant heritage and culture of artisans in Mexico. Whether it’s for your wedding, bachelorette or bridal party you’re going to want to check out this shop! Check out some of my favorite products…

product review Products We Love: Vintage Baby Doll

All Photos From: Vintage Baby Doll 

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5 Beach Wedding Must Haves

beachmusthaves 5 Beach Wedding Must Haves

{Beach Shot: Gypsy Westwood Photography via You Mean the World to Me, Koozies: Etsy, Ice Cream Cart: Shell DeMar & Phillip White Weddings via Boho Weddings, Cocktail: Santa Barbera Chic, Flip Flops: Bumble and Bloom via SMP}

I’m all for unique weddings, but when it comes to beach weddings, I’ve found that there are just some staples that every couple loves to include. Here is my list of five must haves for your beach destination wedding!

1. Beach Shots. Some couples get so caught up in the excitement of their own wedding they forget to take photos with the most important guest! The beach of course! You’ll want to remember every part of your wedding including the venue, so before heading to the reception have your photographer do a mini beach session with you and your new spouse.

2. Koozies. A beach wedding gives you an excuse to order adorably fun drink sleeves. Keep all your beers and soft drinks protected from the sun with a koozie! You can find a plentiful of options on Etsy and customize them to fit your wedding. Hint: These are great keepsakes for your guests!

3. Ice Cream Cart/ Bar. Even though you’re near the beach, the heat can become a bummer to some of your guests. Cool them off with some ice cream! You can bring in a full ice cream cart or an ice cream truck on site, another option though is to provide and ice cream bar instead of the usual candy bar. This is sure to be a hit with everyone including the kiddos!

4. Cocktails. Beach weddings call for great cocktails at the bar, not only for refreshment but it also adds to the overall feel of your wedding. Check out our list of great spring drinks on our sister site, pick your own, or create a custom drink!

5. Flip Flops. No formal heels needed here! Encourage your guests to kick off there shoes and go barefoot during the ceremony or provide some flip flops for them to be more comfortable. These are also great for all night dancing!

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Mexican Wedding Details

mexican wedding Mexican Wedding Details

As the weather warms up, Mexico tends to become a hotspot for weddings, honeymoons, and bachelorette parties. Warning, a Mexican fiesta is not for the light hearted! Fiestas are full of bright colors and you can expect to be on the dance floor all night at a fiesta. If you’re a Bride who absolutely loves bold colors and ready to work your Zumba moves on the dance floor then this is the wedding theme for you! How do you throw the perfect Mexican fiesta? Well some must haves include: a Mariachi, yummy mexican food i.e. Churros, Enchiladas, or Tortilla Soup, and perhaps a bar with the best Margaritas! Happy Planning!

mexican wedding 2 Mexican Wedding Details

{Cover: Wedding Chicks, Donkey: Brandon Kidd Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Novia Chair: Elizabeth Lloyd Photography via SMP, Loteria Card: The Goodness, Gerber Daisies:, Invitations: Etsy, Table: Diana Lupu Photography via SMP, Bouquet: Nine Photography via Ruffled Blog, El Pato Sauce: Art & Soul Events, Churros: Recipe}

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Color Palette Inspiration: Yellow + Pink

At first, yellow and pink didn’t seem like a likely pairing to me but as I went on a Pinterest search I found this color combination is quite whimsical! This color palette will look gorgeous at any of your Spring destination weddings! I love the pink and yellow flower crown that would look lovely in a rustic chic beach wedding. The lighter spectrum of this color palette like the bridal bouquet screams outdoor ranch wedding. Where as the darker spectrum of the color palette like the painted cake, would look amazing during a sunset beach wedding.  Look for fun ways to add these colors  into your wedding, like the lemon table numbers are such a fun idea!

yellow + pink Color Palette Inspiration: Yellow + Pink

{Cover Photo: Chris and Kristen Photography via Oh Lovely Day,Bridal Bouquet: Southern Weddings, Bridesmaids: Inspired Design,Floral Centerpiece: The Way We Love via Wedding Chicks, Lemon Numbers: Segerius Bruce Photography via Wedding Chicks, Chevron Runner: Gabriel Ryan Photography via Style Unveiled, Painted Cake: Kari Bellamy Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings}

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Ocean Inspired Blue I Do’s

Destination weddings lend themselves so wonderfully to taking inspiration from the natural surroundings where you’ll wed – and the sea is no exception!  Today we’ve got some blue hues for you to give you a few fun ideas for a beach wedding on the sand or even an I do by a lake!  Blending with your environment allows your guests to enjoy it to the fullest while giving you some great ideas to decorate with too!

blue ocean weddings Ocean Inspired Blue I Dos

{Photos: Invitation Left: Etsy, Invitation Right: Etsy, Dresses: Pinterest, Table: Colin Cowie Weddings, Flower Girl: Etsy, Cake Pops: Kate Byars Photography}

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5 Great Irish Wedding Traditions

Even if you’re not Irish, and you’re looking to add personal touches to your wedding, look no further than some of these sweet Irish traditions.

221 5 Great Irish Wedding Traditions

Handfastening. Handfasting is an ancient Irish and Scottish tradition that was used to symbolize the couple being tied together as one. The couple would hold each other’s hands and have a member of the family wrap ribbon and rope around them. This is actually where we got the term ‘tying the knot’, interesting right?  Many couples choose to have some kind of union ceremony and handfasting would definitely be a romantic and perfectly intimate one perform on your big day.

97c71c013880c83165905dc1bd0e1d36 5 Great Irish Wedding Traditions

Wedding Bells. A traditional Irish family would give the couple a set of bells, after reciting their vows the couple would ring the bells to ward off evil spirits. The couple would then keep the bells in their home and ring them to remind them of the vows they promised each other. Perfect alternative to a sand ceremony. Oh, and of course this is where we get our American tradition of wedding bells.

blue wedding 5 Great Irish Wedding Traditions

Blue Wedding Dress. For all of the Cinderella lovers, here is an excuse to wear blue on your big day! Blue is known to bring the bride good luck on her wedding day in Ireland. If going all out blue isn’t your thing, remember to carry your ‘something blue’ item as you walk down the aisle. Although I have to admit, pretending to be Cinderella for a day would be uber fun!

braids 5 Great Irish Wedding Traditions

Braids. Doing a braid hair look on your wedding day is not only gorgeous, but according to ancient Irish tradition it can actually bring you power and luck. Hey, any bride can use a little power and luck as she’s walking down the aisle.

bagpiper wedding parade 4 5 Great Irish Wedding Traditions

Entertainment. Of course it wouldn’t be an Irish wedding without traditional Celtic music playing in the near distant. A harpist would be perfect for before your ceremony as well as cocktail hour. Not only does it sounds beautiful but the harp was actually the national emblem in Irelend up until the 19th century. I love the idea of having the bag pipes play as you’re leaving the ceremony, how much fun would that be?

{Handfasting: Poppies & Me Photography via Boho-Weddings, Monique Lhuillier Dress: Mark & Kara Photography via Once Wed, Blue Rosette Dress: Ashley Forrette via Ruffled Blog, Side Braid: Wedding Bee, Braided Updo: Festival Brides, Entertainment: A Low Country Wedding, }

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Color Palette Inspiration: Green

As the weather begins to warm up, my favorite part of the season is being able to lay out on the grass and enjoy nature beginning to bloom. What better way to celebrate spring  than a green wedding theme? If your a green enthusiast, a nature lover, or maybe want some Irish luck on your big day a green theme is for you! You can easily incorporate this color into your wedding by using nature like, succulent boutonnieres for your groom and groomsmen or having your flower girls wear crowns made out of greenery. Green is also a lovely color for your bridesmaids to wear. It compliments almost every skin tone and could look very rich and elegant. And as a fun fact, green actually symbolizes growth, prosperity, and harmony. Now doesn’t that sound like the perfect scheme for a woodsy bohemian wedding? Happy Planning!

green wedding Color Palette Inspiration: Green

{Boutonniere: Old Town Florist, Flower Girls: Desi Baytan via Inspired by This, Monogram:  Theo Milo Photography via SMP, Bridesmaid: Green Tree Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic, Bridesmaids: Katelyn James Photography, Table: Jasmine Nicole Photography via Ruffled Blog, Bride:  One Love Photography via SMP}


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