Wedding Slim Down Tips + Tricks

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Looking to slim down before the big day or just feel better for your honeymoon?  Today we’ve got a few great ways (and one great resource) to looking and feeling your best before and during your destination wedding and honeymoon!  Enter The Wellness Experience.  The Wellness Experience was built by holistic health educator Nicole Carter to offer classes that help people make significant health upgrades through diet and holistic practices. Courses are offered live, in groups and in personal coaching format and are also available as online e-courses that you can complete at your convenience to help you reach your weight loss and wellness goals.  So we asked Nicole Carter of The Wellness Experience what her best advice is for feeling great come wedding day and we learned a lot!

JF: How long should a bride plan for her weight loss program (before buying that dress!)?
TWE: Brides wanting to lose more than 20lbs should allow for 6 weeks minimum, for over 30lbs at least 8 weeks.

JF: What are some cornerstones to keep in mind when selecting a program?  How do you know what’s right for you?
TWE: When selecting a weight loss program, consider whether it’s realistic or not for you. Is the program sustainable long term? Or are you dying to get back to your old habits? Does the program offer health benefits other than weight loss?
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JF: Can you share with us secrets to slimming down in a healthful way right before the big day?
TWE: I do have a few tips that I’ll share with you for some quick results before the big day. First of all cut out dairy products right away. This will reduce bloating and give your tummy a flatter look within a couple of days. Also try moving your dinner time up a couple of hours earlier, and focus on hydration in the later portion of the day. Lastly, eliminate calories from beverages and drink only natural waters such as watermelon or mint waters from my detox program.

JF: What’s a wellness workshop?

TWE: A wellness workshop refers to a class that involves some learning and some hands on work in a topic that gives you some knowledge or skill to help improve your level of health and wellness such as medicinal foods, probiotic cooking or essential oils workshop.

JF: How do you detox safely and what are the results?

TWE: If you’re looking to do a detox program, the best thing to do this safely is to focus on your body’s natural processes. For example drinking teas and eating foods that help your liver to detoxify your blood, and performing skin care detoxification regimens that help the skin to breath and release toxins. You might now always see or feel a difference from the detox but often times the results yield clearer skin, more energy and better digestion for examples.

JF: Your favorite tip or trick to slimming down?

TWE: My favorite slim down trick is to practice intermittent fasting 1-2 times per week and to spend my mornings massively hydrating with herbal teas, lemon water and Kombucha. This really works well especially when combined with the whole six week slim down program.

Thanks so much to Nicole and The Wellness Experience for sharing her expertise with us!  Love these ideas!  For more information, check out The Wellness Experience for help meeting your wedding weight loss goals.

Photos by Rod Roberts.
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Get Honeymoon Ready with Pure Barre

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It’s that time of year – wedding season, beach season, and tropical honeymoon time!  That also means for most of us, it’s crunch time, literally.  Time to get in the gym, get those crunches on, and get to toning up and trimming down our bodies in time for bikinis and bridal gowns.  If that might be you too, then this post if perfect for you!  Have you heard of Pure Barre?  It’s a total body workout that’s sweeping the nation with its ‘tucks’ and ballet barre moves.  Not to worry, no dancers required here, you’ll just emerge from the studio looking like one!  Sound good?  Pure Barre has studios across the country but if you live in Los Angeles, then you’re in luck because we’ve got a deal for you!

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The workout is simple, you use some light weights and tools but mostly your own body’s resistance to lengthen and lean your muscles, tighten and strengthen your core, and overall change the shape of your body.  You’ll sweat, you’ll get a great total body workout, get your heart rate up, and walk out feeling like a million bucks!  And in no time, you’ll see big results.  We did!

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If you live in the Los Angeles area and are getting married, then get in on the bride-to-be countdown challenge (applies to grooms too, of course!).   Just sign up at Pure Barre Beverly Hills and get an extra month of the bride-to-be package free!  Mention Bridal Bar and they’ll hook you up!

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These photos are from actual instructors and students at Pure Barre Beverly Hills, where we promise, just like they did for us, they will welcome you like you’re old friends, make sure you understand the movements and workout, and teach you the tools to successfully tone and trim your arms, thighs, butt, abs and more in time for your big day!  We hope to see you there and soon – summer wedding season ready!

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How to Tip in Foreign Countries

Planning your honeymoon or destination wedding in a foreign country?  It’s good to know the customs before you go – especially about the everyday encounters, such as tipping!  The folks at Wego created this handy tipping chart to help you do as the locals do when abroad.  Happy spending!

how to tip in forgein countries

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8 Honeymoon Trends for 2014

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Ah the honeymoon!  Your first vacation as newlyweds, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to indulge on just for two!  But where to go?  What to do?  We’ve got eight hot honeymoon trends to consider if you want that oh-so romantic getaway post-big day!

1.  GLAMPING!  Yep, that’s short for glamorous camping!  It’s great for those who love the great outdoors but want a little luxury too and for couples who want an active honeymoon.  Perfect for domestic travelers since we know not everyone has a passport and it’s easy to get to if you have a short window of time to enjoy together.  Consider places like, Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado – located in a romantic ghost town across the mountain from Telluride.  They’ve got luxury tents, gorgeous rustic cabins, and everything glamping should be – lots of adventure in the great outdoors.  You can fly fish, horseback ride, hike, mountain bike, rock climb white water raft and even take archeological tours of the nearby desert.

2.  If you are an adventure seeker, then you’re in luck, ADVENTURE HONEYMOONS are all the rage so your options are growing!  This is for those who lead an active lifestyle and can’t imagine doing nothing on a beach for a week.  You could hit a city and see a sporting event, go on safari and stay at one of the luxury tent camps, do a bike tour of a foreign country, take a helicopter to the top of a glacier, or even dive the Great Barrier Reef.  Anything on your bucket list can be on your honeymoon checklist!

beautiful day photographylaura grier

3.  For the utmost privacy and to get away from the big hotel chains, consider renting a PRIVATE VILLA instead!  Private owners or villa rental companies will help you find the best place for you.  You can typically book with staff or without (chefs, butlers, housekeeping and even activities directors).  This travel style is very private and great for both people who want lazy days or highly active schedules.  Europe or the Caribbean are peppered with private villas for your honeymoon pleasure, but really anywhere in the world you’ll find homes you can rent by the week for the trip.

4.  Or if being left alone in a villa is a little too slow paced for you, then consider ALL-INCLUSIVE where you’ll likely make all kinds of new friends!  These great no stress packages are perfect for those who want to know in advance what they’re spending, especially if finances and spending is a sore spot in your relationship.  Although these aren’t cheap trips, you’ll be able to budget almost to the dollar of what you will spend on location.

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5.  And if you just can’t wait for the honeymoon, consider getting away for a MINI-MOON or even a PRE-WEDDING MOON.  A mini-moon is a shorter trip, right after the wedding if you can’t get enough time off to take that big trip then or you want to wait for the right season to touchdown on your dream vacation.  Think of this as a long weekend to recover together.  And a pre-wedding honeymoon is just as it sounds – a chance to get away together for a long weekend during the wedding planning process and reconnect, remind each other why you’re marrying one another, despite the stress of planning the big day.

6.  And if you do have time for a longer honeymoon, then consider COUNTRY HOPPING when you go!  It’s a great chance to see a whole region in one part of the world.  You can travel by tour or package to save and see a lot at once or simply opt for a change scenery to keep things interesting for the active traveler.  It’s also a good way to compromise on places you both do or don’t want to go to.

7.  And if you can’t decide where that is – you could always GO WHERE THE STARS GO!  Some of the celeb hot spots to consider for your honeymoon include: St. Lucia (think Matt Damon and his wife Luciana at Sugar Beach, or Kendra and Hank at Jade Mountain).  Or perhaps The Seychelles (islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa), where Prince William and Kate Middleton went for a very private honeymoon.

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8.  Then, no matter where you opt to go, consider hiring a HONEYMOON PHOTOGRAPHER while you’re there!  You’ll make beautiful memories and capture them with minimal effort.  Book out an afternoon to see the sites while a pro captures your photos (you’ll be thankful for coming home with more than just selfies).  Talk to your hotel about great local wedding photographers who might do it for cheap on a weekday afternoon.

All Photos by Beautiful Day Photography.

Happy Travels!


Airport Beauty Tips

Airport Beauty 101

Traveling can be harsh on anyone, you easily get dehydrated, you lose sleep, and you’re stuck eating terminal food for days. As you’re traveling for your destination wedding or honeymoon you obviously don’t want to break out or wake up feeling like a cranky bridezilla. Follow our 6 tips to help alleviate some of your airport beauty dilemmas.

1. Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize! The air in the plane can be really dry so protect your skin by hydrating it with your favorite moisturizer. Make sure to choose something that is non-greasy, you don’t want to feel sticky and icky during your flight. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips either! Make sure to pack a light chapstick to protect that pout of yours because no one likes chapped lips!

2. Keep your makeup light. Putting on too much makeup while flying can actually clog your pores. Choose something lighter than foundation like tinted moisturizer in order to prevent clogging.

3. Sleeping masks are a must! Sleeping masks will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed during long airplane flights.

4. Stay Hydrated. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water while you’re flying. Staying hydrated is important for your skin and for your health of course! If you know you have dry skin and  need some extra hydration for your skin, pack a facial mist.

5. Don’t forget your daily cleanser. Whether you’re traveling for your destination wedding or your honeymoon don’t forget to pack your daily facial cleanser! Changing cleansers while on vacation can disrupt your skin’s acid balance causing you to break out.

6. Relax! Enjoy a good book, play a game of cards, or watch a movie. If you can’t sleep, make sure to bring some eye drops to apply so that your eyes won’t be red and tired from staying up and watching movies, reading books, etc.

Airport Beauty 101

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