Destination Ceremony Backdrops

 The most important part of a wedding (other than the open bar) is the ceremony, and having the perfect backdrop is key. From mountain to beach, to forrest and lake, these gorgeous ceremony arches and canopies make the picture perfect backdrop no matter what theme or style your wedding is. More elegant weddings can opt for a decadent canopies adorned with flowers and vines. Beach weddings, like this one in Bali (bottom left), call for a simpler canopy as to interfere with the breathtaking view. Also, how amazing is the arch perched on top of a shallow river?

wedding canopies and arches

{Top Row: Michael of Michael and Anna Costa Photography via SMP, Second Row Left: Laura Gordon Photography via SMP, Right: A Brit & A Blonde Photography via SMP,Third Row: Aneta Mak Photography via SMP, Bottom Row Left: Peaches and Mint Photography via Wedding Chicks, Right: Lightedpixels Photography via The Wedding Scoop}


Blush Wedding Dresses

A huge trend that we’ve seen recently in bridal fashion is color. More and more brides are breaking away from tradition and opting for more unique and colorful numbers to wear on their special day. And in some cultures, it’s extremely unlucky for a bride to wear white. These blush wedding dresses come in all sorts of silhouettes and materials that make a perfect alternative for traditional white gowns.

If you’re thinking of having your nuptials in a tropical destination like Mexico or Bali a blush dress like one of these will be perfectly accented by the bright colors indigenous to the destination. Even our more boho brides will love this etherial tone that offers classic romance with a twist.

blush wedding dresses

{Top Row Left:Katie Slater Photography via SMP, Right: Wendy Laurel Photography via 100 Layer Cake, Middle Row Left:Blaine Siesser Photography via SMP, Right: Jose Villa Photography via Once Wed, Bottom Row Left: Melanie Duerkopp Photography via Grey Likes Weddings, Right:Jose Villa Photography via SMP Fashion & Beauty Issue}


Veils for Every Bride

Along with the dress and the shoes, a veil is an extremely important component involved with transformation into a bride. We’ve picked some of our most favorite bridal veil moments to help inspire you, no matter where your nuptials may be. From a grand cathedral wedding, to rustic countryside, or a high-fashion urban ceremony, these wow-worthy veils are perfect for various destinations and styles, and will have family, friends, and of course, your future husband swooning!

Wedding Veils

{Top Row Left: Lena Kozhina Photography via SMP, Right: Lindsey of Eyelet Images via Southern California Bride, Middle Row Left: Beatrice Couture Designs, Right: Haley Rynn Ringo Photography via SMP, Bottom Row Left: Jose Villa Photography via SMP, Right: Lacie Hansen Photography via Brides}


Pantone Fall Fashion 2015: Wedding Inspiration

Pantone recently released their fashion color palette for Fall 2015. Inspired by “evolving landscapes”, this season’s palette features etherial tones of green, rust, and blue, and even some purple. Often times, wedding themes and color palettes are greatly inspired by the fashion world and its trends. Our personal favorites are “desert sage”, “stormy weather”, and “reflecting pond”. Desert sage, a soothing grayish-green can serve as a neutral tone that isn’t too in your face. Stormy weather, a fusion of gray and dark blue makes a bold statement color that offers sophistication and luxury. Lastly, reflecting pond provides a “sense of security and stability”.


When looking at the combination of these three colors, we instantly thought of a dark and gloomy, yet romantic, beach wedding. When one thinks of a “beach wedding” the first thing that usually comes to mind is a tropical destination. However, with the help of Pantone, we fell in love with the idea of having a darker, moody and oh so romantic wedding. After all, who says a beach wedding has to be tropical?


{Top Row: Jose Villa Photography via GWS, Second Row Left: Heather Hawkins Photography via SMP, Right: Sleepy Fox Photography Third Row Left: Jose Villa Photography via GWS, Right:Keith Morrison Photography via SMP, Fourth Row: Bit of Ivory Photography via Burnetts Boards, Bottom Row Left:Bit of Ivory Photography via Burnetts Boards, Right:Brett Heidebrecht Photography via SMP}


Tropical Inspiration

If you are in need of a little mid-winter pick-me-up, you are in luck! Lately, we have been dreaming of escaping the gloomy weather and swapping our rain boots for sandals for an island getaway. We have included some of our very favorite tropical wedding details from various island weddings. Hydrate your guests with some festive pineapple infused water served in coconuts as they feast on grilled shrimp skewers. Include a unique guest book for friends and family to sign that can serve as a memento and souvenir from your destination of choice, like an adorable ukulele. Bright colors and indigenous fruits and flowers are sure to capture the true essence of your destination!

tropical inspiration

{Top Row Left: Maui Creative Photography, Right:Brandon Kidd Photography via StyleUnveiled, Second Row:Alissa Saylor Photography via GWS, Third Row Left: Erich McVey Photography via OnceWed, Right: Nato Welton Photography via Brides Magazine UK, Fourth Row: Jonas Peterson Photography via OnceWed, Fifth Row Left: Mary Costa Photography via Sugar and Cloth, Right:Wendy Laurel Photography via SMP, Bottom Row: Acqua Photography via SMP}