Wedding Cakes Around the World

We do things a little different here in the states, not every country serves up a swanky three tiered wedding cake.  Some (like Italians) make the cake in front of the guests during the reception, while others (like the French) serve up pastries stacked to make a cake.  Here are a few wedding cakes from around the world to inspire your sweet side on the big day!

european wedding cakes

{Photos: Top Left: Kate Headley via Brides, Right: Lola Photography, Middle Left: OMG Cute Things, Right: Samantha Scott Events, Bottom Left: Frosted Petticoat, Right: via Wedding Chicks}


Mexican Themed Wedding Cakes

We love the look of a festive fiesta wedding cake with a nod to the bright, beautiful colors and culture of Mexico!  If you’re hosting a destination wedding in Cancun, Cabo, on even in the states on Cinco de Mayo, then consider some of these bright ideas for your big day dessert!

mexican wedding cakes

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Wedding Cocktails to Kick Off the Party

To get the party started at your destination wedding, you might consider serving up a cocktail or mocktail before the ceremony begins.  If you’re outdoors, chances are the heat will be kicking so give your guests a refreshing way to celebrate and start the event!  Tiny tequila bottles, mini bottles of bubbly, even sparkling water to serve the non-drinkers will be much appreciated and give your loved ones an idea of how much love and attention you’ll be showering them with over the next several hours at the event.

wedding cocktails

{Photos: Shots: Huffington Post, Champagne Bottles: Etsy, Coke Bottles + Patron Bottles: The Knot, Lavender: Bridal Musings, Champagne: ThreadSense,  Nautical: Jessica Lorren}


Destination Wedding Hangover Kits

You’ve probably heard that a wedding welcome bag is a great way to welcome your destination wedding guests to your wedding weekend.  But what about after the big day?  Consider gifting your guests something before the ceremony that they can use with thanks after the reception – a hangover kit!  Jet leg and a bit of booze might bring your guests down so gift them with all the essentials they need to stay hydrated, happy and healthy throughout the weekend!  We’ve pulled a few fun ideas for ways to give a hangover kit to your guests in style, check them out!

destination wedding hangover kits

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Inspired by Olive Oil for Your Destination I Do

Today we’re inspired by olive oil!  Yep, you read that right!  Whether you’re getting married in the hillsides of Tuscany or the rolling greens of California, infusing local finds (like olive oil) make great wedding day details.  Consider giving your guests something from the region as the wedding favor – like these bottles of olive oil.  Or dress up your table with a collection of bottles repurposed as vases for flowers.  Serve up an olive oil tasting bar during cocktail hour or give guests a station during the reception to enjoy.  We know how great olive oil is to cook with, no try decorating to reflect the region on which you wed too!

olive oil themed wedding

{Photos: Top Table: Pretty Stuff, Favors: Live View Studios via Wedding Chicks, Second Row Table: OneLove Photography via SMP, Mantle: Indulgy, Third Row Left Favors: Dream Delicate Kisses, Right: Peaches and Mint, Forth Row Tasting: Adrift Photo, Right: Pinterest, Bottom Row Table: Pinterest, Bottles: Just Putzing}