Beach Wedding Lighting by Candlelight

When you get married on the beach, you’re going to need to bring in your own lighting (of course!).  Flame can be challenging because of the wind unless the flame is large enough – like from a tiki torch source or fire pit.  But if you love the look of candlelight, you can still have it in the sand!  Battery operated candles work wonders, hurricanes enclosed in lanterns or high glass are great too!  Flame in terra cotta pots, holes dug in the sand for the candles and other creative ways make candles possible for your beach wedding.  Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to light the night below!

beach wedding lighting

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Coral Colored Weddings

Coral is a hot color this summer and one of my favorites! It goes with everything and has a wide variety of shades that could mix and match with lots of other colors. Considering coral is from the ocean bring the color to the beach and have the beautiful hues pop against the ocean or consider adding coral to your invitations. The color looks great paired with a variety of palettes, some of my favorites are coral and teal or a variety of coral hues put together (which would look great in a bouquet). Another fun idea is having coral colored cocktails to sip on while you and your guests enjoy the warm sea breeze.  Find your inspiration from your setting and run with the idea!

coral colored weddings

Photos: Invitations: Zenadia Design via Oh So Beautiful Paper, Bridesmaids: Elizabeth Anne Designs, Flowers: The Nichols via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Table: Jose Villa, Cocktails: Tea for Joy, Cake: Pinterest, Couple: Brett Charles Rose via Wedding Aces



Bastille Day Weddings

Every July 14, France celebrates Bastille Day! Bastille Day is similar to the 4th of July due to the history, colors and the celebration activities including fireworks, good food, and dancing! To refresh your memory, Bastille Day is the first major event of The French Revolution, the day commemorates the storming of the Bastille Prison which took place in 1789. In Paris they celebrate by fireworks, a large parade on the Champs-Elses, and a giant dance party on the eve of the holiday. Incorporate the Bastille festivities by using blue, white, and red accents into your wedding cake or decorate your tables with little Eiffel Towers and of course cheese on baguettes! Top the night off with a dance celebration just like the eve of Bastille Day!

bastille day weddings

 Photos: Couple: Olivier Lalin via Wedding Light, Bride: Coco & Kelly, Vase: Wedding Chicks, Eiffel Tower: Pinterest, Arc De Triomphe: Pinterest, Cheese on Baguettes: Jacolyn Murphy, Pastry: Gentl & Hyers via Martha Stewart, Dancing Couple: Beautiful Day Photography  


Nautical Weddings

Since it’s almost the 4th of July, I seem to find myself daydreaming about being on a boat off the coast of California or out in the Hamptons enjoying a holiday wedding weekend with friends.  If you’re hosting a wedding on a boat or at the shoreline or perhaps you just want to share your love of the sea with guests, then consider these nautical nods for your destination wedding.

nautical wedding

{Photos: Invitation: Martha Stewart Weddings, Table Name: Pinterest, Couple: After an Afternoon, Pillows: Sailboats & Seersucker, Shell Candle: LiBelle Photography, Anchors Away: Scouts Honor Co., Boat: Trent Bailey via 100Layer Cake}


Indian theme weddings

Magenta, orange, purple, and yellow are just some of the colors I think of when I daydream about India. The inspiring hues and captivating decor would generate a one of a kind destination wedding. The plush pillows, silky fabrics, and rustic gold accents fit perfectly well with an exotic destination wedding.  And if you really want to make a grand entrance arrive to the ceremony or reception on an elephant! In traditional Indian weddings, elephants symbolize good luck and prosperity, so what better way to start your big day?!

Indian Weddings

{Photos: Top Left Dress: Kaninee Adsanatham, Right Dress: Beautiful Indian Brides, Elephant: Lark & Linen, Couple: Whitebox, Dresses: Hansiba, Lantern: Jonathan Canlas Photography via Marigolds and Mithai, Cake: Pinterest}