Honeymoon in Bali, Re-Run

bali honeymoon photographer Honeymoon in Bali, Re RunToday’s best of re-run is a very unique shoot – a honeymoon shoot!  This darling couple had the bright idea to hire a local wedding photographer to capture a day of play on their honeymoon in Bali!  And what Danna and Brian have to show for it is truly magical.  What a wonderful gift to give each other to take home from the honeymoon back to Texas!

Julian Wainwright accompanied the couple (and acted like unofficial tour guide) for a day of sightseeing and adventure out and about in Bali.  Tough job, but someone’s got to do it.  Julian and the newlyweds began their journey in Ubud at 6:30am where they found themselves stopping time in the middle of a street market.  What incredible light at this time of day!  Stunning!bali honeymoons Honeymoon in Bali, Re RunJulian described this shoot as “an experiential, or activity-based shoot, rather than the traditional posed photo shoot.” And that it was! The couple even partook in a holy water purification ceremony at Tampak Siring Temple. What an unforgettable experience!  This probably isn’t a traditional honeymoon activity, but likely that much more special for these two lovebirds.bali honeymoon1 Honeymoon in Bali, Re RunThen it was off to a traditional Balinese healer called a Dukun, on the outskirts of Ubud. Danna shared with us what the experience was like. “We had been looking forward to our honeymoon in Bali as much as the wedding its self – and just about the same amount of planning had been put in to it. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and we wanted someone who understood the significance to be there to capture the “moments” of the two of us experiencing this together. It was so unbelievably fun. I wouldn’t change the experience for anything and recommend it as a “must-do” for anyone going on their honeymoon. “ bali destination wedding1 Honeymoon in Bali, Re RunAnd what day would be complete without a visit to some friends at a monkey forest?!honeymoons in bali Honeymoon in Bali, Re RunWe love this honeymoon shoot idea so much that we asked their very talented photographer about the concept. Julian told us, “Couples are in that relaxed post-wedding mode, which is a great frame of mind to be in to make memorable pictures. It’s also a great opportunity for couples to create images in an exotic location that also will have meaning for them down the road. Why not book a day with a photographer while you’re food tasting in Italy, zip-lining in Laos, jungle trekking in Costa Rica or on safari in Kenya? I think activity-based or “experiential” photo shoots are a great alternative to traditional portrait shoots (though I like to mix the two). I’ve got a photojournalism background, so my preference is for documentary photography, with a touch of creativity. I would love to see honeymoon photo shoots pickup in popularity.”

Looks like they had a fantastic honeymoon (and the photos to prove it)! Congratulations Danna & Brian!

Destination Wedding Photographer: Julian Abram Wainwright Wedding Photography

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    Awesome, all your details are really praising.

  • Jasminesummer

    How timely! My fiance and I just started planning our honeymoon in Bali for this October. Can you please share some tips and recommendations?